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Bah! NW1W. Keywords: Toonpur Ka Superrhero – notice the double ‘r’…!

Saturday December 11, 2010 17:10

Mirch (Music review), Hindi – Monty Sharma

Monty regains some of his supposed form in Kaare kaare badra – the rock arrangements sit atop that classical tune beautifully; the nuances like a seemingly disjoint antara too works well! Monty evokes the film’s part-inspiration, Utsav, in Mann bhi hai; ends up sounding like the female version of Saanjh dhale! Zindagi, the pop’ish, but […]

Saturday December 11, 2010 17:10

Kandaen (Music review), Tamil – Vijay Ebenezer

Enge en idhayam, Aa haa and Narmada are fabulously breezy and pleasant, with a more-than-obvious smattering of Harris’ style. Ninaivugal and Yaavarukkum thalaivan evoke some of Vijay’s Tamil Christian musical pieces; Devan and Chinmayi make both tracks eminently listenable, however; the imaginative arrangements in the latter, in particular, are delightful. Cassanova is a short keyboard-loaded […]

Pankaj Awasthi hits mainstream, gets four out of seven tracks, but impresses in only two – Lehron ne kaha, where he blends Neelesh Mishra’s ruminative words appropriately in a quirky tune, and Shab ko roz, a haunting quasi-jazz/sufi base in his unconventional voice. His other two – the title song and Heeriye are mighty predictable. […]

Saturday December 11, 2010 17:10

LBW (Music review), Telugu – Anil R

Reppapaatu ee kshanam starts off great, but the coarse rap’ish pieces jar; still, Naresh Iyer’s main portions and some innovative interludes make this track a good listen. Javed Ali’s solo, Megham, seems apt for his vocals and the Mickey J Meyer’ish song builds on that soft feel very well. Sarigama‘s faux-hip-hop style is reasonably interesting […]

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