Saturday November 20, 2010

Super – Hand Symbol (Music review), Kannada – V Harikrishna

Posted by Karthik

Come on come on generously uses Dick Dale’s cult surf guitar hit, Misirlou and despite its jaded sound, manages to appeal. Aeri mele aeri has that spunky Uppi sound with veteran SP Balasubramanyam rocking the street-smart tune even as Uppi contributes with gibberish in his style! Kaayi kaayi and Look at the style too seem to have been custom-built for Uppi; Harikrishna adorns it with enjoyable masala sounds. Sikkapatte ishtapatte, sung by Uppi himself, may sound like an oft-used Tamil kuthu track, but is still a massy, foot-tapping listen! Hari goes by the brief and does his job pretty well!

Keywords: Upendra, Nayantara, V Harikrishna, Super, Hand Symbol



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