Saturday November 20, 2010

Eesan (Music review), Tamil – James Vasanthan

Posted by Karthik

Meyyana inbam‘s electronic dance music is appealing, but much of its appeal lies in James’ tune and the trio (Sukhwinder, Benny and Sunandan) singing it. Jilla vittu is a largely serene and beautifully basic folk song that plays on poignant lyrics by Mohan Rajan and earthy vocals by Thanjai Selvi! Get Ready sounds like it is from James’ Naanayam rejects, while Kanbil anbai is a naive and bland experience marked only by Padmanaban’s soulful singing. Sugavasi is the pits…an amateurish and embarrassingly outdated track! Eesan has its moments but they seem entirely random and few; James Vasanthan’s inconsistency is glaring!

Keywords: Sasikumar, James Vasanthan, James Vasandhan, Eesan



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