Tuesday November 16, 2010

Electra (Music review), Malayalam – Alphonse

Posted by Karthik

Arikil varu is fascinating in every aspect, right from Gayathri scintillating vocals to the way Alphonse maintains the dreamy arrangements…if only the tune didn’t sound so shockingly like Norah Jones’ Come away with me!! But the two subsequent tracks sort of make up for that – Sayonara’s Ekakiyayi is stunningly put together; mesmerizing tune and even more haunting backgrounds that complement that tune beautifully! Alphonse reserves the best track for himself – Let’s dance – a wonderful pop track with shades of latino and a Santana’ish guitar flourish! A short, rich soundtrack by Alphonse – just don’t think of Norah Jones.

Keywords: Nayanthara, Manisha Koirala, Alphonse



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