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Aali re has that uniquely Rahman’ish tinge that throws a listener off course – that excessively South Indian-sounding nuance, but with a plethora of singers including Tochi Raina, Biswajit Chakraborty, Shriram Iyer, Raja Hassan, Anushka Manchanda, Sonu Kakkar, Aditi Singh Sharma and Sonika Sharma (Phew!), this unconventional party track just rocks! More Rahman shades in […]

Tuesday November 30, 2010 15:52

Ragada (Music review), Telugu – Thaman S

The snazzy, racy arrangements of Meesamunna manmadhuda produce an illusion of it being good, but the tune is pedestrian. Shirisha is a considerably better bet – massy melody and great vocals by Hariharan and Srivardhini, while Bolo Ashtalakshmi is cleverly built on its catchy hook and foot-tapping orchestrations. Okkadante‘s all-woman show is banal, much like […]

If you do not know about an Indian music magazine called ‘SoundBox’, I don’t blame you. It costs Rs. 150 and is available very, very selectively as far as I know. I – thankfully – get it, due to this blog of mine! And I love it! The latest issue has a cover story on […]

Singularity starts like a disjoint tapestry of sounds, but comfortably settles into its groove. The legendary John McLaughlin makes a cameo, together with Ranjit on konnakol, Punya Srinivas on Veena and Harmeet Manseta on piano, all conjuring heady magic! T = 0 has U Rajesh’s stunning mandolin solo, even as Amit Heri and Palakkad Sreeram […]

Dhagudu dhattham‘s lyrics are typical Kamal Haasan, but the tune is a callow mélange. Andrea sounds fabulous even in the humdrum broadway’ish Who’s the hero, while Neela vaanam makes great use of Kamal’s vocals in a brooding melody. Oyyale is standard Devi-style folk; catchy, but also jaded. The theme offers a short jubilant sound, while […]

Come on come on generously uses Dick Dale’s cult surf guitar hit, Misirlou and despite its jaded sound, manages to appeal. Aeri mele aeri has that spunky Uppi sound with veteran SP Balasubramanyam rocking the street-smart tune even as Uppi contributes with gibberish in his style! Kaayi kaayi and Look at the style too seem […]

Saturday November 20, 2010 08:33

Eesan (Music review), Tamil – James Vasanthan

Meyyana inbam‘s electronic dance music is appealing, but much of its appeal lies in James’ tune and the trio (Sukhwinder, Benny and Sunandan) singing it. Jilla vittu is a largely serene and beautifully basic folk song that plays on poignant lyrics by Mohan Rajan and earthy vocals by Thanjai Selvi! Get Ready sounds like it […]

Mohit Chauhan’s unplugged version of Isi umar mein scores over the filmy, flimsy version, while Ramji 24X7‘s predictable, but rhythmic sounds sees it through. LOL – Live Out Loud shouts it aloud in cringe-worthy manner and Tere pyar mein is pointless, insipid mush. Kavita Seth’s earthy vocals work well in the folksy Banni avela tharo, […]

NW1W. Despite 3 songs from Pritam, who seems to be outsourced his music to the other 2 composers. If there’s anything remotely interesting in this soundtrack, it is the CD back sleeve, designed smartly and confusingly like a crossword!

Tuesday November 16, 2010 21:16

Electra (Music review), Malayalam – Alphonse

Arikil varu is fascinating in every aspect, right from Gayathri scintillating vocals to the way Alphonse maintains the dreamy arrangements…if only the tune didn’t sound so shockingly like Norah Jones’ Come away with me!! But the two subsequent tracks sort of make up for that – Sayonara’s Ekakiyayi is stunningly put together; mesmerizing tune and […]

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