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Mandhira Punnagai (Music review), Tamil – Vidyasagar

Posted by Karthik

Satta sada starts off as a typical, sonorous Vidyasagar melody, but escalates beautifully with a surprising free-flowing form! Enna kurayo is Sudha Raghunathan’s show; stunningly touching tune, with a possible raag Chakravakam Bindu Malini* as base. Anbillama karanchadhu is interesting just for the brass band’ish sound – nothing else, but Megam vandhu gets the soundtrack back it’s groove – soulful and addictive! Kirti Sagathia and Arivumathi’s poignant lyrics rule over Siththan mugam and that ominous tune helps too! Thanni poda is a templatized drunk song that merely plays to the gallery. Vidyasagar unleashes his trademark soulful melodies again and the result is highly satisfying.

Keywords: Karu Pazhanippan, Meenakshi, Vidyasagar, Mandhira Puunahai, Manthira Punnagai

*This is why I love this blog. With my embarrassingly limited carnatic music knowledge, I could come only as far as Entha Mutho’s flute rendition that I remembered as soon as I heard ‘Enna Kurayo’…I believe the flute rendition that I heard is by flute virtuoso N Ramani. I gave up that search since I couldn’t get the name of a flute track – so, by trial and error and singing it in my mind, made some connection between Enna Kurayo and Chakravakam, thanks to songs like ‘Vidukadhayaa’ from Muthu and of course, it’s predecessors like ‘Pibare ramarasam’ and ‘Ullathil nalla ullam’. Now, thanks to Kaarthik’s comment, now I know. This learning makes all the difference for me!



  • Karthik, Vidyasagar is back. Enna kuraiyo is like the Tamil version of Tyagarajar Krithi Entha Mutho Entha sogaso in Bindu Malini raga, a janya of Chakravakam. The female lead of Megam vandhu, Anwesha is the runner-up of STAR Voice of India- Chhotte Ustaad. She’s a Bengali and her voice is so similar to Shreya Ghoshal. Honestly Anwesha’s Tamil Pronunciation is far better than Shreya Ghoshal’s initial Tamil songs

    • milliblog

      Thanks you SO much! I gave up a frustrating search for that original song since I recalled only a flute version sans any words. Have updated the review accordingly 🙂

      And yes, noticed Anwesha’s pronunciation to be very, very good – she makes an effort to pronounce some words very clearly and that effort shows!

      • Thank you so much for correcting and mentioning my name. I wanted to correct it since your blog is followed by most of the music buffs.

        • Megam Vandhu seems to be in abhogi.. is it? got reminded of vidyasagar’s classic malayalam track called kaathirippoo..

      • Dont know much about raaga’s…but this same raag was used in the Malayalam movie Neelathamara. The song Entha Mudho which was sung by Cherthala Ranganatha Sarma and had music by Vidyasagar. VS likes this raag I think…

  • Amazing songs by Melody King Vidyasagar.

  • vidyasagar is back with this film

  • that folk song is like run song…but its different

  • enna kuraiyo is the best one…no one can compose lik that hereafter……….

  • discussion enna kuraiyo is interesting and informative.
    S Ramakrishnan

  • Karthik, Enna kurayo, starts of with bindu malini raag, but the song touches Chakaravaham immediately. The song cannot be termed as bindu malini raag, it is absolutely based on chakaravaham only. Especially with the phrases naan unden bhaan kannan.. everytime the traces can be found….
    in arohanam also it touches Dha and avarohanam also it touches ma…so this should absolutely chakravaaham… one of my fav raagam.

    ref –

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