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Break Ke Baad (Music review), Hindi – Vishal Shekhar

Posted by Karthik

Adhoore and Ajab lehar are trademark Vishal Shekhar; if the former is catchy and beautifully uptempo, the latter’s orchestration makes all the difference! Prasoon Joshi makes his impact wonderfully in Dhoop ke makaan, while Shekhar and Sunidhi are in scintillating form with their vocals. Monica ‘Shaa’ir’ Dogra competes proficiently with Vishal’s already impeccable singing in the ebullient and rock’ish Dooriyan. Main jiyoonga is the only track that sounds arduous, but the composing duo cleverly iron out the edges in its consummate English version, Don’t worry about me! It’s a delightful feeling to see Vishal Shekhar deliver great music so consistently!

Keywords: Imran Khan, Deepika Padukone, Vishal Shekhar



  • havent heard anything besides adhoore….but if the rest is like anjana anjani then il be sorely disappointed again….
    VS songs are getting so similar, they have got stuck in these love dovey movies and their tracks dont have a recall value, say 1 year hence….
    ive noticed that quite a few of their track have a low notes body, which isnt tyhat gr8 sounding n an ultra catchy hook which tends to be high pitched…. (egs: khuda jaane, bin tere, bahaara, sadka, anjan anjani slow)

    Gone are the days of Tashan , ek ajnabee……. 🙁

    • I agree with Gaurav. When VS entered the scene, they were pretty good and carried some freshness, which by now has withered.

      Supari, Jhankaar beats, Popcorn Khao…, bluff master, Taxi no. 9211, Shabd, Dus, Karam, till Tashan were are quite different from one another and yet had something interesting. Right from Bhootnath, they have been on the decline, IMO. A good song here and there, but somehow it lacks the punch of their earlier albums.

      Dus was a huge hit mainly for its songs, besides the star-cast. Taxi no. 9211 had variety of songs (Aazmale was my favourite). Karam had the still cult ‘tera hi karam’. Bluff master was another good effort.

      Every VS album had something to look forward to. But sadly, their last three releases – IHLS – Anjaana – Break ke baad sound so alike, you could shuffle the songs in any of the 3 movies and they’d still not make much difference to the settings.

      I eagerly await and hope they would get their early years’ form back. Here’s wishing them all the best.


      • I agree with Sriram….while their music is instantly hummable and has enough good things going in terms of sound, I think like SEL they are getting into this zone where they work with directors who tend to think alike vis-a-vis film music, with the result they aren’t pushing the envelope enough, like they did in Tashan.

        The other thing I notice is in the last few albums is the fact that Vishal’s voice is being over-used, which is not to say it sounds bad, but if different voices has been used in each of the last 3 albums of V-S, I suspect we mite have had a little more freshness.

        Oh…and btw….Bluffmaster was a bunch of assorted artists, with V-S doing just one song – an oft-overlooked fact this!

        • I completely agree on two very evident facts written above. Sriram has very rightly said that one can’t feel the difference while going through these 3 albums. To be more specific let me pick out the similarities which i feel. 1. I feel good (AA) is exactly similar in its mood….the feel of music with the song Dooriyan bhi hain zaroori (BKB). They are soooo damn similar that u can even interchange some portions of one song with portions of the other song and cant feel the non-continuity.2. Jab Mila Tu (IHLS) and Adhoore (BKB) have more things in common apart from Vishal Dadlani. As i have got noting to do with the technicalities of music its difficult for me to describe it. But again, as Sriram mentioned….you can shuffle through these to songs and hardly make out whether they are from diff films or not.Certainly, as pointed out by Ajit…Vishal is being over-used. Again, as he said…it’s not bad for the ear but then gone are the days when I used to eagerly wait for a Kurbaan Hua or a Break free or Jaane kyun dil jaanta hai to play on the radio. In each of these 3 albums….there are 2 songs each for which Vishal has given his voice, certainly not a problem other than the fact that…SONGS ARE SIMILAR….THE GENRE OF MOVIES IS SIMILAR….THE DIRECTORS THEY ARE WORKING WITH ARE OF THE SAME AGE WITH SIMILAR SENSIBILITIES. In fact, i believe, Shekhar, who has also been a regular feature of the three albums is sounding different with every song.By no means his voice in Bin tere (reprise) was of the same mood in Tumse hi Tumse (AA) and Tujhe Bhula diya (AA)…and in dhoop ke makaan (BKB)Its bad luck for Vishal…the past 6 songs in his 3 albums have similarities in them.

    • indianmusiclistener

      ARR should be first not Trivedi.

      Rahman leads, the rest follow.

      • indianmusiclistener

        Oops, reply for the comment below.

        BTW: There are better music directors outside your comfort zone (hindi films) in Tamil/Telugu like Yuvan Shankar Raja, Harris Jayaraj and Illaiyaraaja

        • yup ur rite…i do have a ltd. musical zone…
          but i was in chennai for a while arnd 2yrs back….n i heard a few songs…n i really liked sm of them like Kodana kodi, n Kangal irandaal

  • milliblog

    Gaurav, you definitely have a point. I’m not fond of Ek Ajnabee but Tashan saw the duo at their creative best! The similar sounding is indeed a cause for concern, but two things about it – it could be the nature of films and it, at least so far, continues to sound mighty good. There may be a time I could go back on my words on the latter, but that hasn’t happened with this soundtrack, at least.

    • yeah true…..they need to get better movies….
      just that with guys like amit trivedi, vishal bhardwaj (and of course ARR who is a league of his own) around, VS just dont push the creative envelope too far….
      even SEL are slowly getting caught in a similar sound…..(altho london dreams was a welcome exception)

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  • Jaydeep

    Not that its breaking news, but don’t we already know that its not just to do with the music scene, but to do with bollywood in its entirety which suffers from this “super-hit formula” plague. Apparently, rom-coms & mindless comedy capers are the only genres that keep box-offices ringing & so are only genres being made now a days. How many movies like Rock on or Soch lo or Udaan or Rocket Singh are being made. Similarly, how many big production houses are open to try new composers like Sachin-Jigar, Hanif Sheikh or even talented MDs like Sandeeep Chowta & Sandesh Shandilya who are as good as their contemporaries, but industry has put them on back burner for years now.
    There is no doubt all top composers whom we feel have fallen in formula trap, are making great music in whatever limited genres they are working with & V-S are no exception to that.
    Basically, IMO it isn’t the dearth of talented musicians, be it established ones or struggling ones, all are talented. Its largely the fact that the bollywood business model overpowers the freedom of involved art forms.

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  • It makes me sad that Indian film music no longer sounds Indian! Not a single dhol or Indian instrument in this entire thing.

    I don’t buy Bollywood films/music to listen to jazz and soft rock like this Break Ke Baad stuff.At least in their prior efforts like Bachna, Salaam Namaste, etc. they used an Indian sound.

    The likes of V-S and S-E-L are ruining the sound of Indian film. Copy cats or otherwise, come back, Nadeem-Shravan, Jatin-Lalit and Anu Malik!!!

    • Jaydeep

      Check out might like it.

    • indianmusiclistener

      Well this is album is what Indipop (non-filmi Indian music) used to be (and still is) – Completely westernized with little to no Indian instruments until Adnan Sami came into the scene.

      The Indipop scene is dying and is nearly extinct, this is the reason it’s creeping into film music as the films releasing these days have plots for the multiplex audience, not ‘Bharat’

  • bj

    I agree that tune-wise this album is very similar to other V-S albums of late. But I like that the sound and arrangements are a bit different, probably due to having Mikey McCleary as their arranger instead of the usual.

    • Jaydeep

      I agree. Theme/genre is same & boring to most progressive listeners. However, they always have managed to give a fresh appeal to each of their soundtracks. Ajab lehar is the best example of it, though being trademark V-S composition, arrangements makes it sound really fresh.

  • Leharr

    Most songs created recently by V-S are so fast paced with speed being the primary template for the youth that the words of the songs don’t even register with the listners or sink in their hearts. Your feelings can never be evoked unless the soul of the song, which is in lyrics, touch you in some way. Speedy tempo and racy sound can make the song popular for a short while but it will be soon forgotten as the recall value for such songs is low. When VS has done away with too much concentration on speed they have created good melodies such as Aas Paas Hain Khuda, Tujhe Bhula Diya, Bin tere, but sadly they are exceptions. Also, I agree that just because Vishal and Shekhar can sing, they should not consider themselves as substitutes to good singers. I guess they are compelled to use Mohit and Rahat because they are current favorites, otherwise, VS would have sung their songs too! Their voice has several limitations and composing within those limitations is not a good idea. Why not use Sonu, KK, etc. more. Even Lucky Ali sounds too urban like Vishal. What’s the point? How will there be any freshness or melody? Imagine music directors like RD Burman using their own voice to sing most of their songs, and giving a pass to Kishore and Rafi!!! Also I don’t know why all songs have to be so modern, western, and based in rock/soft rock genre. I would prefer songs like “Pee Loon” and “Tum Jo Aaaye” from OUTIM anyday than Adhoore, Ajjab Lehar, etc. Create sound that is melodious guys not just modern!!

  • Repetitive and Predictable. A highly derivative album!

  • Liked Dooriyan and the accoustic version of Dhoop ke makaan

  • tejas

    I am glad VS have impeccable Rock sound on this album, although the lyrics are overpowered by the speed of the sound. Just waiting for their next album, because I am sure the way we are tired of hearing the same ol’ same ol’ from them, they are also tired of making same music over and over again. 😉

  • Justin Rao

    Awome again!! VS r in der best form currently,no doubt. BKB’s Muzik is PeppY, youthful, nd engaging!!Prasoon’s lyrics r magical……
    great job!!!! THUMBS UP!!!!

  • in reply to gaurav
    Actually the thing is VS are getting only amateur love stories like IHLS, AnAn, Break ke baad. So dey compose keeping the love thingie alive..
    But yeah..derz Ra1 coming.. VS will be back in action…!! Fingerz crossed!

  • tejas

    Aawara Nadi = Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison.

    Awfully evident in this remix –

    You heard it here first.

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