Thursday October 7, 2010

Action Replayy (Music review), Hindi – Pritam

Posted by Karthik

Only Pritam’s punchy arrangements stand out in Baki main bhool gayi, but Daler’s Zor ka jhatka works big time as an addictive item song! Chhan ke mohalla and Dhak dhak are merely regular dancy stuff, while O bekhabar is forced sweetness. The zingy Brit-rock’ish I am dog gone crazy is super fun, while Luk chup jaana is a groovy profusion of the most likeable sounds this soundtrack can muster! The rock and roll throwback, Nakhre, has a middling tune, but charming hooks and Tera mera pyaar does maintain its melodic freshness intact! 5 enjoyable tracks – what more does one want?

Keywords: Pritam, Action Replayy, Akshay Kumar, Aishwarya Rai



  • Vipulkv

    I think AR soundtrack should have got 200 words from you. You have used lot of praising words for music but still didn’t give 200 word reviews. Or may be you have much raised your bar for Pritam’s music that his excellent work appears only as average to you.

  • rc

    Zor Ka Jhatka based on traditional melody. This is becoming too common for Pritam.

    • milliblog

      Agree! That too, earlier there was at least a star to indicate this fine print. This soundtrack has no star, but this credit (if you call it that!) is hidden amongst other credits in another part of the CD sleeve. Now, next question: What is that traditional melody? Why can’t they name it?

      • Jaydeep

        If they name that melody, someone might easily find that obscure version like that of Babbal’s, which these guys ripped completely…Also do you or anyone come across with that original traditional melody, for some strange & vague similarities, I feel even Chor baazari (LAK) might be a variant of the same melody.

  • tejas

    Darn me if Zor Ka Jhatka doesn’t remind of I can’t hold it any longer! And Lup Chup of Roshani from Admissions Open.

    But honestly, trust Pritam to create instantly likable songs. Zor Ka Jhatka is a terrific song, the only other two I liked were ‘I am Doggone crazy’ and ‘Nakhre’. Some awesome energy there..

    By the way, is it ‘dog gone crazy’ or ‘doggone crazy’ ?

    • milliblog

      It has to be doggone, but that’s the best T-series has learnt ‘Amreekanization’ πŸ™‚

      • tejas

        Never know, could be ‘I am (a) dog, gone crazy’ as well. πŸ˜‰

        • milliblog

          There’s an opportunity for a salacious publication to link the earlier SRK-Aamir dog naming issue to this one and add Akshay to the equation πŸ™‚

  • This is such a fun soundtrack… Just cant sit still when listening to this. Having a hard time listening to this when at office πŸ˜›
    Zor Ka Jatke the pritamish punjabi track… Daler’s vocals!!!
    Nakhre… awesome.. desi Elvis presley style
    I am Dog Gone Crazy… funky
    Dhak Dhak… josh, josh, josh…

    What an energetic soundtrack!!! πŸ™‚

    Glad that you gave it only a 100 word review although being one of the most catchy vigorous soundtracks to come in a long time. It doesnt feel like belonging to the 200 club, not sure why! πŸ™‚

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  • tophilis

    The loop that plays in ‘I am dog gone crazy’ sounds so much like the one in Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’. And the ‘nanana’ part comes from his ‘Without me’. Still a rocking song.

  • O bekhabar is more like Bheegi si Bhaagi si from Raajneeti!!

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  • rahulrd14

    Zor ka jhatka reminds one of I cant hold it any longer…Nakhra is similar to Baburao…O bekhabar is Bheegi si…

  • wootshire

    Does anyone know what Scottish/Irish tune the hook of Dhak Dhak is based on? I know it can’t be something Pritam cooked up, unless he composes using the name John Powell in Hollywood (

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