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Top recent listens (September 2010)

Posted by Karthik

Kizhakku pookkum & Njan – Anwar (Malayalam – Gopi Sundar)
In Njan, even though Prithviraj is doing mildly rap-like phrases, his voice alone carries it through impressively, while Kizhakku, with it’s Sona nahi (One Two Ka Four, A R Rahman) style rhythms and approach is a fabulously catchy track, again, with very impressive vocals! (Thanks to Vino Varghese for pointing out Anwar’s omission from this list)

Dhaani – (Coke Studio, Season 1, Episode 4) Strings and Ustaad H. B. Gullo
I have always liked this song, but came to appreciate its spruced up version that Dhaani produced for Coke Studio, along with Ustaad H. B. Gullo. The rhythm is more pacy and pulsating, and the song gains a all new aura! Beautiful listen!

Call me dil, I’ll be waiting, Mayya Yeshodha, Cry cry – Jhootha Hi Sahi (Hindi – A R Rahman)
A recent Rahman soundtrack that I totally enjoyed – even though I do notice polarized views about this one online. I was initially hooked to Call me dil and I’ll be waiting, but nowadays, playing more of the other two. Cry cry, in particular, grows enormously!

Whole lotta love, Can’t you hear me knocking, While my guitar gently weeps, Smoke on the water, Dance the night away – Santana
Another rocking album by the veteran Guitar God! It doesn’t work as his earlier outing, Supernatural, but still works mighty well on its own. Having managed ItwoFS for about 10+ years now, I’ve a special liking for cover versions (uncredited covers, in ItwoFS, however!). from that perspective I can see myself going beyond the stubborn love for cult classic originals like While my guitar gently weeps and Smoke on the water and like even the covers. The former, in particular, is lovely, in the hands of India Arie and Yo-Yo Ma!

Kaiya pudi, Neeyum naanum & Jingu chikka – Mynaa (Tamil – D.Imman)
Is this the first time that Imman is getting into a ‘top recent listens’? I don’t know – haven’t checked, but this one sure deserves it. Imman’s effort shows. The strange thing is that the director, Prabhu Solomon, in my opinion, hasn’t displayed any specific trait for selecting good quality music. So I do wonder who’s effort his actually is. Neeyum naanum is a clear winner, but don’t ignore the seemingly simple Jingu chikka – very catchy and builds on the tune and arrangements very well. Kaiya pudi is a triumph of great singing and excellent music. Good going, (Im)man!

Saude baazi – Aakrosh (Hindi – Pritam)
The least aakrosh’ish track in the soundtrack – amazingly serene and highly hummable. Lovely track – don’t miss this amidst other bad tracks in the soundtrack.

If I’m any closer, Weight of my mistakes, Best of me & Big time – 6: Commitment (Seal)
I’m not sure if I can not like some Seal album. I always managed to like some of the songs. His latest album too, is no different.

Poonchillayil & Poril theyyaram – Chekavar (Malayalam – Rahul Raj)
Poonchillayil is a lilting, lovely melody and is not extraordinary – great listen and all that. Where Rahul excels is in Poril theyyaram – one rocking track featuring vocals of Indrajith and Ragged Skull. Must listen!

Challa, Kya, Mere bina – Crook (Hindi – Pritam)
A very, very-Pritam’ish soundtrack. Very commercial and very likeable, almost instantly. I’m a Neeraj Shridhar fan, so Kya is my favorite!

Baawra, Elhogali shivne & Piya tori naina – Bengaloored (Hindi/Kannada – Vasu Dixit)
A soundtrack that I heard much later, after the small film came and left without a trace. And I’m really glad I heard it! Piya tori naina is a particularly gorgeous number!

Vennela chinukala – Saradaga Kasepu (Telugu – Chakri)
What a song! It seems so very simple, but is pitch perfect in all sense. I had a tough time getting over this one in the first week and my respect for Chakri opened a new account – didn’t have any so far!

Thiki thiki, Kuthudhu & Yen peru – Nagaram (Tamil – Thaman S)
It is incredible that I’m even talking about the soundtrack of a Sundar C+Kushbu film factory. Thanks only to Thaman. I have to concede that I found the lyrics quite bawdy, particularly in Yen peru. Music-wise, this is a thoroughly enjoyable soundtrack, though.

Andala lokam & Endukamma prema – Gaayam 2 (Telugu – Ilayaraja)
Vintage Raja in super form. Andala lokam is obviously likeable, but I have a soft corner for Endukamma prema…it may be the man’s vocals, I think!

Traveling alone, River runs deep – Clapton (Eric Clapton)
Absolutely lovely retro’ish album from the veteran. Works brilliantly a music for driving. The charm and talent is intact, after all these years!

Misery, Give a little more, Stutter, How & Never gonna leave this bed – Hands All OVer (Maroon 5)
Having been a Maroon 5 fan since their debut album, I was surprised to find this album’s music to be a bit more yuppy and pop’ish. It reminded me of Mika’s music the most and that is perhaps why I like it so much. Stutter is my favorite…can’t stop myself from singing along those words whenever it is being sung by them!



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