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Yeh des hai has a strong Rahman whiff and works quite well! Nain tere whips up a decent Bong feel, but is a bit too simplistic, while Sohail gets it right in Sapne saloney, a strikingly pensive melody with wonderful vocals. The anthemic title song and Vande Mataram by Cine Singers Association Chorus Group are […]

Tuesday October 26, 2010 13:27

Orange (Music review), Telugu – Harris Jayaraj

Oola olala moves predictably, but it’s overriding pleasantness, thanks largely to Karunya’s infectious vocals, helps. Karthik and Naresh Iyer breeze through Chilipiga and Nenu nuvvantu; good old tune-smithing by Harris – gorgeous melodies with simple, nuanced arrangements in both, particularly the latter. Vijay Prakash sounds like Devi Sri Prasad in the joyous Hello ramante – […]

Apple Bottoms is Neha’s Jennifer Lopez’ish turn, video-wise and music-wise too; it is adequately catchy! It’s Tamil version is gimmicky and pointless, however. The grungy title song and the more rocky Khwahish, are quite appealing. Trash‘s pop-rock sound is something that gels well with Neha’s enthusiastic vocals, while the immensely hummable Neela aasmaa is the […]

Thursday October 21, 2010 17:07

Baava (Music review), Telugu – Chakri

Pannendella praayam holds interest for Keeravani’s vocals and the laid-back, serene tune, while Na rama chilaka is terribly stale in every aspect. Mila milamani suryo is that harmonious duet you expect from Manisharma and Chakri uses that template well. Chakri croons the bombastic kuthu song, Nagara nagara; catchy with predictable rhythms. Rudrudu ramudu okadai is […]

Jai jai ram is almost like a cut and paste job from numerous other Mani Sharma songs and results in a dated song; Vijay Yesudas is the only saving grace. Yemi debbaro is similar and in a sense, even worse; with a familiar hook like that, what else do you expect? Naatu kodi koora is […]

Thursday October 21, 2010 17:07

Mylari (Music review), Kannada – Gurukiran

Kailash Kher seems like an appropriate choice for the rhythmic, techno-sufi’ish Bittbide, while Ghallu ghallenutha is terribly conventional; pity to see veteran SP Balasubramaniam being wasted here. Jaginakka jaginakka is an unabashed mish-mash and sounds atrocious, despite Shankar Mahadevan’s efforts. The composer salvages something out of the soundtrack in Langa daavani, sung by himself along […]

Satta sada starts off as a typical, sonorous Vidyasagar melody, but escalates beautifully with a surprising free-flowing form! Enna kurayo is Sudha Raghunathan’s show; stunningly touching tune, with a possible raag Chakravakam Bindu Malini* as base. Anbillama karanchadhu is interesting just for the brass band’ish sound – nothing else, but Megam vandhu gets the soundtrack […]

Sunday October 17, 2010 14:27

Endhiran (Tamil) – Director: Shankar

Can Dunning-Kruger effect be tested on Rajinikanth fans? Let me explain. Rajinikanth fans want the man to perform death defying stunts. They want him to be the uber-male who can entice any woman. They also want him to ‘perform’ his style. All sounds normal, but do they want him to be intelligent? And, if he […]

Danthada bombena has everything going for it – a instantly catchy, perfectly arranged pop’ish tune and Karthik’s dependable vocals, while Tunta tunti, with its toned down sound works better than the remix’ish title song. But, Illeana is run-of-the-mill and falls flat, however much Joshua tries to build into it with rap bits and enticing sounds. […]

Yedi kallachi invokes the all familiar filmy raaga – Sivaranjani? It continues to sound nice, however, due to sheer familiarity, while Chinnan kaattula offers a good glimpse of the debutant composer’s skills and also showcases veteran Vairamuthu’s amazing lyrics. Kallikaattil‘s Vijayprakash version sounds better as he uses his vocals brilliantly to express the evocative lyrics […]

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