Sunday September 19, 2010

A Flat (Music review), Hindi – Bappa Lahiri

Posted by Karthik

Meetha sa has an ambient sound, though the tune is staid and predictable, much like Shreya Ghoshal’s Pyar itna na kar, that hams it up in a sleepy, standard tune. The in-your-face item’ish Chal halke suffers from a similar fate – a stale tune with a blah hook that follows the obvious pattern and doesn’t stand out in any way. Thankfully, Dil kashi surprises with its enchanting tune, an almost Pritam-like track but with Bappa’s unmistakable rhythm-sense, though Sonu chewing his words seems odd. The film’s title has real estate-related and musical meanings; it also means uninteresting – like this soundtrack.

Keywords: Sanjay Suri, Jimmy Sheirgill, Kaveri Jha, Aindrita Ray, Bappa Lahiri



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