Monday September 13, 2010

Brindavanam (Music review), Telugu – Thaman S

Posted by Karthik

Remo’s Yuvakula is at best a poorly-sung, noisy mess. But the composer works up a catchy, bombastic techno-folk number in Eyi raja, while Karthik and Suchitra’s Nijamena is what Manisharma’s melodies are usually made of; similar in sound, scope – pleasing nonetheless. Vachadura is standard, rhythmic jingoistic fare, despite composers like Koti and Keeravani pitching in. Oopirage‘s high-pitched, ambient pathos doesn’t work, while the retro-to-raucous mass number, Chinnadho, is way too predictable to be appealing. Mojjaray, featuring Baba Sehgal falls flat too; loud, chorus’sh; going nowhere. Masala fare from Thaman that hits all predictable – but not the right – buttons.

Keywords: Junior NTR, Thaman S, Kajal Agarwal



  • Suresh Hari

    I loved all the songs in the album except ‘Mojjaray’ .. my picks are ‘Chinnadho’, ‘Nijamena’ and ‘Eyi Raja’ .. giv it some more time, u wil like the songs ..

  • Dude

    Thaman struggles between arty music and popular music.

    He should rather take Pritam as inspiration(cliched! 😛 ) , he mixes popular and arty music pretty well.

  • Jyothi

    truly fail album, sorry.

  • Kishorekrishnag

    excellent songs.

    Eyy raaja song is very excellent.

    chinnado, nijamena, vachhadura are excellent.

    mojjare, yuvakula, oopirage are very good

  • Rajesh Reddy

    Ey raja is amazing.. nijamena and mojjare songs are very good.. can’t wait to see NTR Jr’s dance for yuvakula song..

  • Among the new songs released around the same time. This one is the best one and on top my playlist. Nothing new but all songs have a good beat for a long drive on highway.

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