Wednesday September 8, 2010

Bengaloored (Music review), Hindi/Kannada – Vasu Dixit

Posted by Karthik

Vasu’s opener, Baawra is significantly better, tune-wise, than Swaratma’s tracks; that existential lyrics and poignant tune only make it better. Elhogali shivne starts off mildly, in typical folk style, but after the prelude, it kicks off in pulsating style and adds layers beautifully. Vasu powers it with his vocals – those gorgeous guitar interludes and ambient backgrounds work very well! Neel nadi blends Rithisha Padmanabh’s vocals with the flute accompaniment skillfully; it gets an expansive feel with the kind of arrangements Vasu adds. Vasu gets Joel Dubba to accompany him to croon Pal pal; it sounds incongruent initially, with that mish-mash sound, but even beyond those cringe-worthy lyrics, once you get the hang of the odd fusion, it is likeable in a corny way. It’s in Piya tori naina that things get incredible! Joel Dubba and Rithisha’s duet is laced with some fabulous guitar and harmonica, while the simple, lilting tune is its real strength! Vasu closes the soundtrack in the S D Burmanesque Rangmahal; that he does a super job of singing it and adding the right kind and amount of music is what makes it work. Bengaloored’s unsung, unheard soundtrack by Swarathma’s Vasu Dixit deserves a lot more!

Keywords: Vasu Dixit, Bengaloored, Swarathma

Note 1: I sampled the songs from this soundtrack on Raaga and purchased them on emusic.
Note 2:
Honhaar Goonda has a valid point about the last song – Rangmahal. Read about it in his blog.



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