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Top recent listens (August 2010)

Posted by Karthik

Gunnah – Album: Manzil (Pakistani Pop – Such: Rizwan-ul-Haque, Guitar; Allan Smith – Drums; Shazia Khan -Vocals)
From the multitudes of Pakistani Pop I stumble upon, this one stopped me in my tracks, to some extent. Such’s music isn’t drastically different and the sound is a mish-mash of many styles, honestly. This song does stand out in their album, however.

Title song, Hairat & Tujhe bhula diya – Anjaana Anjaani (Hindi – Vishal Shekhar)
One of my favorite soundtracks in recent times! Enough said!

Oru nila, Thooral nindraalum & Vizhi oru paadhi – Chikku Bukku (Tamil – Hariharan & Leslie Lewis)
Oru nila, for some inexplicable reason, reminds me of Harris’ 12B song, Jothi Neranjava. Don’t ask me why – I told you, it is inexplicable! Love both tracks, however! Thooral nindraalum makes super use of Wadali Brothers, but I’m just thinking…why can’t they have chosen Nagoor Hanifa, who could have added a very-interesting layer to this track? A funny thing happened while listening to this track…a Tamilian friend who didn’t understand the non-Tamil lyrics portion asked me, ‘Why are those Hindi singers swearing…saying Kenai, to somebody?’!

Munni badnaam – Dabangg (Hindi – Lalit Pandit)
The toast of the nation, albeit inspired, is a foot-tapping masala track not worth ignoring!

Enthedi enthedi – Shikar (Malayalam – M.Jayachandran)
That typical Jayachandran song – sweeping violins in the background; nuanced sound games occasionally; a Sudeep Kumar sounding like a young Yesudas…and a gorgeously simple tune that has you singing along given it’s oh-so-familiar flow!

Uchu kotta & Oothu thanni – Magizhchi (Tamil – Vidyasagar)
This is Vidyasagar of Thambi. Oothu thanni even has shades of ‘Thaamara poovukkum’ as the comment goes in this soundtrack’s review. Both are simple, well-orchestrated melodies with captivating tunes.

Chasing cars – Snow Patrol
A friend on Facebook recommended Snow Patrol, while another friend in office recommended that I may like Keane. Both recommendations had the Coldplay reference and it is amazing how such references help us decide what music we may end up liking. I do not like all of Coldplay’s repertoire, but their sound is something I like. I suppose I do find some similarities with their style and both Snow Patrol and Keane’s music. Out of all that I have listened from both bands, Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars got into my system mighty fast.

Shiva anta hogutidde – Jackie (Kannada – V.Harikrishna)
V.Harikrishna did surprise me with this soundtrack. I consider him the Chakri (Telugu composer) of Karnataka…and with Jackie, it looks like, beyond all that commercial success, the man can go a bit higher too.

Go do, Animal arithmetic & Boy Lilikoi – Album: Go (Iceland – Artist: Jónsi)
Jónsi’s music is definitely not a comfortable listen; it often throws you completely out of gear with its dramatically different and vibrant sound. But, much like middle eastern music’s off-key (to Indian ears!) notes, this one takes time to get used to and once you get accustomed to the sounds and flow, you start liking the sound. Take Animal arithmetic, for instance…it has Jónsi’s almost breathless, frenzied vocals almost throughout, but even in that seemingly-noisy set-up, it holds a lovely tune!

Paarvai undhan & Vaanavillum – Nil Gavani Selladhey (Tamil – Selvaganesh)
Andrea’s Vasundara Das’ Tamil continues to be poor, in Paarvai undhan, but Selvaganesh’s tune, bordering on Yuvan’s style is easy on the ear. The other track, Vaanavillum, an unabashed homage to Raja’s Vetri Vizha number, ‘Vaanamenna keezhirukku’, is simply brilliant!

Rakachik takachik – Yaksha (Kannada – Anoop Seelin)
The rest of the soundtrack went above my head – a garish concoction of mod sounds, but this particular track, sung by Sudesh Bhonsle and Vijay Prakash uses a familiar reggaeton template and pumps up the massy fun!

Dedh inch oopar & Mera yahaan kaun – Soch Lo (Hindi – Charu Moohan and Nitesh Pires)
I confess I heard this soundtrack with total skepticism. Recall seeing the soundtrack’s ad in The Times of India and was wondering how it would be, though the names behind its music didn’t ring a bell at all. But it turned out to be a fantastic stunner! Looking forward to more from Charu and Nitesh.

Life ishtene – Pancharangi (Kannada – Mano Murthy)
Quirky, Latino sound, in true Mano Murthy style. I was told the lyrics are super and the song has been placed well in the film too, both of which I’m not qualified to comment. Great listen, but.

Mudhal satham – Villalan (Tamil – Ravi Raagav)
The composer’s debut came to my knowledge thanks to a tweet by singer Chinmayi…she has sung a duet with Karthik, Naan naanalla. However, it turned out to an entirely predictable and staid melody, while another song from the soundtrack, Mudhal satham, sounded considerably better. It sounds like a typical Harris Jayaraj song, and has a nice, lilting tune.



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