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Monday August 16, 2010 13:42

Drohi (Music review), Tamil – Selvaganesh

NW1W!! After decent work in Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu and Kola Kolaya Mundhirikka, that’s a complete shocker!

Beyond its very, very Leslie’ish Indipop sound, the title song is a catchy, groovy listen. Oru nila has a delightfully crafted tune, almost in the early Rahman style, and Chandrayee’s singing is the highlight, as much as the gorgeous anupallavi. Zara zara gets its sound right, but not the tune – predictably ordinary; while Thooral […]

Naina lage is a good enough tune that works better because it is repeated thrice! Parveena’s (Wife’s theme) works better than Bhupinder’s or Mitali’s. Altaf Raja’s Falsafa yeh zindagi ka cannot be blamed on the nasal singer alone; composer Nayab Raja is the main culprit for this pedestrian, subway-beggar’ish tune. However, the composer reclaims some […]

Thursday August 12, 2010 19:13

Irandu Mugam (Music review), Tamil – Bharadwaj

Kannum kannum is typical Bharadwaj – a lovely, rhythmic tune with better anupallavi than pallavi, Minsaram medhuvai is typical Bharadwaj too – the pointlessly outdated mod sound of the composer. He gets behind the mike for Pen nenjam, a soaring pathos-tinged melody that sounds like a Islamic devotional song with occasional guitaring – is tuneful, […]

Gandu makkalu cruises smoothly enough with its foot-tapping, but oft-repeated tune, except when it stumbles upon childish interludes. Dilkhush is a lovely melody; very catchy, with simple, lovely arrangements, while the mildly-Black Eyed Peas’ish Boom boom pa merely passes muster. Inthi ninna preethiya is sweet, but very stale as far as the melody goes, while […]

NW1W, except for Ovvoru manidhan, that is so Bharadwaj that it is hard to believe Sundar composed it; good melody with heartfelt lyrics by Na.Muthukumar. Keywords: Harish, Ghajini, Amala Paul, Sundar C Babu, Sindhu Samaveli

Cmon cmon has a sparse, pleasant tune and is skillfully orchestrated, while Ishq hai yeh gets better, in Mickey J Meyer style, except for those cringe-inducing chorus in Hindi. Composer Bobo Shashi sounds like Rahman in Kanneere, even though his tune is as enticing as Yuvan’s! Karthik and Chinmayi are in excellent form in Manase […]

I recently came across a few tweets by @allusirish, on sci-fi films in India. Our prev gen of filmmakers were better of than us. “Karuda Rathrikal” starring MGR, Bhanumathi was an alien visitation film in 1960.. (Link) Satyajit Ray & Columbia Pics attempted 2 make a film “The Alien” in 1960 with Marlon Brando based […]

Sunday August 8, 2010 21:42

Top recent listens (July 2010)

Man lafanga, Dhatad tatad & Nain parindey – Lafangey Parindey (Hindi – R.Anandh) One of my favorite soundtracks in Hindi, in recent times, amidst all that Amit Trivedi attack, in the form of Udaan and Aisha. I’m really glad that Anandh has finally made it to Hindi after having proven himself in Tamil (well, to […]

NW1W. Well, except for Ashu’s Kenha hai, where the composer does make an honest effort to get out of his mediocrity. I suppose Mughda Godse can relax – her white-bikini scene is still the only highlight of this film; this music is highly unlikely to topple that. Keywords: Bobby Deol, Mughda Godse, White Bikini

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