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She’s Out Of My League (Movie review), English – Jim Field Smith

Posted by Karthik

shes_out_of_my_leagueIn Indian films, She’s Out Of My League would be that film which has a side-kick, comedian as the hero. And average-Joe, Jay Baruchel, looks even below average through-out the film. His goofball antics only add to that aura…err, or lack of it.

I’d perhaps give Kirk (Jay) a hard 4, if I were to use the film’s much-used system of grading people! In comparison, Molly (Alice Eve) is indeed a hard 9…well, ok hard 10. And the difference is glaring.

But, beyond all this, the film works almost like a film Judd Apatow made, when he has been hit by a serious bout of sentimentality – just that Judd is not involved in this film! There are bathroom jokes, jokes about losers, gay jokes, testicle shaving jokes and what not. But, it all works so darn well.

The plot is thin, as thin as Kirk, but the characters – Kirk’s friends, his family, his ex-girlfriend…all make up for much merriment. Molly’s side is a bit lame, except for her spunky friend, Patty.

There is just one mild, predictable plot twist in the film where Kirk and Molly have a much-expected tiff…aah well, if you include Kirk’s first meeting with Molly’s parents in a piquant (understatement) situation, you can make it one and a half twists.

She’s Out Of My League is one film that truly lives up to its title, so much that you keep pondering about its appropriateness every time you see Kirk and Molly together and continue to ponder over it in disbelief. If the film works, it is because it looks and behaves so earnestly.

Tamil film industry did try a similar film sometime back, starring a supporting/character actor, Livingston (who has donned the hero role too, incidentally) – Sollamale. It was also remade in Telugu with a superstar like Venkatesh in the lead (Seenu). It too had an average Joe, painful set of friends and a gorgeous (compared to the hero) heroine. But alas, it was made in South India…so it was more sappy than sentimental (particularly the ending!), and the humor was an after thought.

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