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Tuesday August 31, 2010 09:09

Playo Jiyo…Meh’yo.

By now, I’ve been asked on email and Twitter many, many times on what I think of the CWG Theme Song by Rahman. V K Malhotra ji has given his verdict, though we have no idea what his expectations were. Was he part of the team that briefed Rahman on what they are looking for? […]

Sunday August 29, 2010 16:35

Naan Mahaan Alla (Tamil, Susindran)

If there’s one recent Tamil film that evoked a rather loud ‘What the f***?’ from me, it is Naan Mahaan Alla. Here’s a film that has everything going for it but actually ends up making a hapless mishmash of it all! The template seems largely similar to Vetrimaran’s vastly-superior Polladhavan, starring Dhanush. The stark lower […]

With echoes of Queen’s We Will Rock You, Shiva anta hogutidde is instantly catchy, with tune twists that work wonderfully well! Eradu jadeyannu has enchanting orchestration and using Sonu-Shreya combo is a master-stroke for this melody, while Kailash Kher’s Ekka raja builds on the folk template in an appealing way! Edavatt aiatu has Puneet’s vocals, […]

Ada boss boss and Mama mama are surprisingly pedestrian and un-Yuvan like. Iyley iyley is no different but at least gets its sound right. Yar indha pendhan is very typically Yuvan; tune-wise and those celtic-styled interludes too; it is templatized, no doubt, but also invokes Raja’s Gopura Vaasalile number beautifully! Thathi thaavum has Karthik sounding […]

Tuesday August 24, 2010 10:47

Magizhchi (Music review), Tamil – Vidyasagar

Karthik and Chandrayee are in delightful form in Oothu thanni! Vidyasagar conjures a breezy melody that pleases instantaneously! Thekku maramaattam works for its lilting folk and authentic vocals, while Uchu kotta is the soundtrack’s spectacular highlight – the kind of Ilayaraja’ish melody that one expects from Vidyasagar, with his own unique nuances thrown in…this is […]

Nadamadum sudukada has interesting orchestration, but is mostly exaggerated. Paarvai undhan has Vasundhara Das’s enticing vocals and a Yuvan-like alluring tune making lovely use a repetitive chorus’ish phrase. Vaanam engilum is a decent listen; predictable tune, but imaginative arrangements. The soundtrack’s stupendous highlight is Vaanavillum, an almost-Raja’ish tune that beautifully apes many of the veteran’s […]

Sunidhi’s Tanha rahein, mostly because of her irresistible vocals and Bickram’s mysteriously alluring music, works fairly well. Dhundo has a fantastic, charming tune and with Sonu at its helm, it gets even better; the interludes too, in particular, are fabulous! Kisne pehchana‘s Latino fused sound makes for a good listen, while Ronita De’s Chup tha […]

The Pancham touch is smart and subtle in the title song‘s background; the enthusiasm quotient, in large part by Nikhil D’Souza and Monali Thakur’s vocals, is obvious and addictive. The second title song, featuring Vishal and Shilpa Rao is completely different and fuses Vishal Shekhar’ish rock with the Indian impressively! Lucky Ali completely rocks Hairat; […]

Charu Moohan’s lyrics, music and vocals in Dedh inch oopar is a strangely languorous experience vaguely echoing Vishal Bharadwaj’ish sensibilities – true slow poison, in every sense! The song’s unique musical package with odd lyrics at places – the Aandho aandho phrase, in particular – is extremely addictive! Charu’s other track, Faani dayar too is […]

Sonu’s extremely mellifluous Udisuve (and the similarly-tuned Ninnaya, by Shreya) offers a tinge of sadness and Andean flute, while Arey re re pancharangi gets its catchy Latino sound perfectly! The interestingly structured Life ishtene espouses the don’t-care outlook in a curiously addictive package! Hudugaru beku is a typical Pritam-style song but does work thanks to […]

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