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Beyond the controversy about assorted record labels rejecting her and the album-leak brouhaha ahead of its launch, Annie’s latest album is a surprisingly fine effort. The 3 melodic tracks, Kiya yehi piyar hai, To woh nahin and Listen do expose Annie’s rather limited vocal range in vocals but musically they are mighty good, particularly the […]

Paadhai’s second effort, Ranam Sugam, is interestingly packaged as a Musical Novelette! The music seems heavily influenced not by the man revered in the CD – A R Rahman, but by Yuvan and Dharan! Dharan-like songs Yaar ival and Thedi soru (Bharathiyaar’s!) work quite well, while in Kaadhal sollu, besides the Yuvan-like Kaadhal sollu portion, […]

Sunday July 18, 2010 11:58

Nandhi (Music review), Tamil – Bharadwaj

With that Manisharma’ish Dolu dolu rhythm, Thannikulla is, vastly similar to Ilayaraja’s 1986 SPB classic, Pattu poove, from Naanun Oru Thozhilaali! Idhu thaan kaadhal is pleasant but is so templatized that it is boring. Mayanginen too uses Bharadwaj’s standard rhythms almost in a SA Rajkumar’ish way and it survives only because of its lilting tune. […]

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