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Ammai kitiki has a pleasantly breezy tune; Karunya sounds a lot like Sonu Nigam, but does a great job, along with Chaitra. Ranjith’s Udyogam poyindi is quite Mani Sharma’ish and is brilliantly arranged with imaginative guitar phrases. The composer joins Geetha Madhuri in the lilting Telugammai; the lyrics are packaged really well in catchy, retro-style. […]

Wednesday July 7, 2010 19:21

Gubbi (Music review), Kannada – AP Arjun

The reggaeton influences in Confusion are skilfully handled and the overall package is catchy! Ee paapi starts like a standard pathos track but is beautifully arranged with some amazing musical pieces. Arjun blends Karthik’s vocals and guitar in perfect doses and builds on the rhythm quite well too, in Ee pari tavaka, while the same […]

Kannolam sounds like early Rahman output; this gentle track achieves much by keeping it simple and tuneful. Thaane‘s 2nd version by Jyotsna sounds better than Ajay’s, but both are perfectly dulcet. Pakalilla ravilla is predictably Jassie Gift, but Manu hits jackpot in Vellaram kannulla – a buoyant track that gains big time from Vineeth Srinivasan’s […]

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