Archive for June 28th, 2010

Sarigamapadanee works more for SPB’s vocal play than for its conventional tune, but the sonorous, lullaby-like Laali paaduthunnadi is absolutely brilliant! SPB’s vocals are fabulous, while Geetha Madhuri’s intentionally mod voice helps as a contrast. Govinda‘s simple, lilting tune is its strength, while Yem sakkagunnavro and Balamani are rhythmic and foot-tapping; the latter works a […]

Tappatloi seems straight out of Keeravani’s repertoire, and its catchy tune does help. Mauname chebutendi sounds like a nice, retro melody, but it is quite bland for comfort, while Yelelo is a strange mishmash, heading nowhere. Manisharma gets back to his forte in Nee navvey; simple, pleasant rhythms, but very unlike K Vishwanath’s style! Bailele […]

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