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Aafreen and Sanu guzara zamana sound absolutely stunning…till Himesh starts singing – these could have been truly mesmerizing songs, but for his vocals, straight from the nose. Teriyan meriyan too has a studied, nostalgic and lilting tune – but alas, Himesh sings it. Kajra kajra and Rabba luck barsa should have been released during the […]

Pappu Hippo has an unusual charm to it; Radhika’s rendition is beautiful while Yash Golcha enthusiastic portions are lively. Maya Ledi Pilla opens exactly like Pritam’s Tu hi haqeeqat, but is, thankfully, completely different, with marvelous singing by Alphonse and is strikingly arranged too; the Nadaswaram version is gorgeous! Srinivas’ sonorous melody Mellaga has Phani […]

Sunday May 30, 2010 11:31

Maasi (Music review), Tamil – Dheena

NW1W. Dheena using his long-forgotten stock music.

NW1W. Blah music.

Sunday May 30, 2010 11:24

Vilai (Music review), Tamil – D.Imman

Vilaye un vilayenna sounds incongruous to start with, but the brooding lyrics gel gradually with the club’by backgrounds; Haricharan’s vocals are an asset, while the composers go all out in the interludes. The pathos version, in comparison, is tepid. Nithyasree is given a shockingly lewd and risqué track, Manmadhakaadu, that merely uses the Theepidikka template […]

I have this terrible habit of postponing to watch certain films…for no apparent reason. Magadheera was one of them and I saw it just last night, almost after an year of its release. Now, I have read many reviews about the film – most were ecstatic and many were reasonably satisfied giving it 3.5 out […]

Oh neelambale is brilliantly sung by Najim, Durga and Sannidanandan, even as it’s only a mishmash tune. Chambakka and Laayi laayi, despite wonderful arrangements, degenerate into lame tunes, while Munch Star singer, Swetha, uses her opportunity really well in the mellow Amme Mookambike. Muthukuli‘s qawali’ish sound is predictable, but Aalapam and Nilave are the breath-taking […]

Jab mila tu is delightfully bouncy; tremendous vocals by Vishal, and sparkling interludes! Bin tere has everything going for it, barring that ennui of offering yet-another track to Shafqat that reminds one of his previous tracks; Shekhar’s unplugged version is enthralling though. The title song is addictive and lively, along with a catchy hook that […]

Maanyamaha janagale, with its pumping music and rousing pop tune is appropriately zingy, with excellent vocals by Vineeth and Sachin Warrier, while Shaan excels with his tipsy vocals in the very jazzy Kaathu kaathu; Josy’s sax is used beautifully here! Lavan kashmalan is cleverly composed – a calculated, rhythmic tune, paused by that catchy hook, […]

Jigi bigi is entirely predictable, but sounds sweet enough, with catchy phrases, while the conversational Jaama chettuki is meant for the screen. Nandaamaya is a curious combination of a likeable tune and noisy backgrounds. Roju roju is fantastic – a curiously appealing tune, with matching orchestration, but Sooryudu aevarayya is terribly staid. The soundtrack’s spectacular […]

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