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Assuming Yuvan-sung songs as a separate genre, Thaakkudhey kan thaakkudhey has him trying, successfully, a faster-than-his-usual tune, amidst craftily composed backgrounds. Paithiyam pidikkudhu is trademark Yuvan; one that is immensely addictive, with youthfully funky sounds. With its Pattiyal hangover, Kupathu rajakkal is unfortunately staid, even as Yuvan tries some unique sounds in the backgrounds. Sadhana […]

Saarangiyil‘s soothing, languid and ambient arrangements and beautiful vocals by Kalyani are scintillating! Gala gala, despite its monotonous pattern, has a catchy charm of its own, helped largely by the hyper- enthusiastic singing by Jassie Gift and Roshni. One two three‘s lyrics are plain stupid, but that Arabic’esque tune is quite skilfully handled by Imman, […]

Tuesday April 27, 2010 16:48

Virundali (Music review), Tamil – SS Kumaran

Endhan uyire has a lively tune and even Yash Golcha’s tolerably bad pronunciation doesn’t deter its overall enthusiasm, while the Hariharan-Mahalakshmi duet Eppodhu un jannal is a neat listen, but somehow feels overdone. Kadithame kadithame is morose, perhaps for a reason, but it doesn’t make for good listening. Kokha kozhi has enthusiastic vocals by Chinmayi […]

Adnan’s son, Azaan Sami’s title song is foot-tapping in the most predictable manner; uninspired composing debut. Tapas Relia composes 2 tracks, out of which Rang de at least makes some mild sense, while Ashaon ke pankh, as a motivational number falls flat – Tapas lacked motivation himself, perhaps. MG Sreekumar concocts a bizarre tune in […]

Sunday April 25, 2010 11:10

Movie review: Kick-Ass (Matthew Vaughn)

I totally understand why Ebert gave Kick-Ass one lone star and a severe moral drubbing. I seriously do, now that I’ve seen the film. It’s one of the corniest, funniest and wildest films I’ve seen in a really long time. Consider it like a more loony, more bizarre and more interesting version of Quentin Tarantino’s […]

Aasman ke paar is sure to give Whigfield a complex, with its prosaic dancepop sound. Dariya ubale is where Amit’s DevD roots surface, thankfully – the grungy sound is pitch-perfect. Naresh Iyer is flawless in the breezy Meri rooh, a compelling melody on the lines of Iktara, with addictive phrases. Mother-son duo, Kavita and Kavish […]

The most captivating part of Aaro paadunnu dhoore is perhaps the most subtle – those almost-North African drums that accompany the lovely tune throughout, barring the final piano piece that does a sneaky take on Twinkle twinkle! The prelude and predominant piece in Mazhamegha is terribly familiar Tamil sound, but it only helps the already […]

Friday April 23, 2010 21:42

Music review: Raavan (Hindi – A R Rahman)

Beera, in true Rahman style, takes a spirited, free-flowing life of its own; the energizing tune, completely fresh vocals of Mustafa Kutoane’s literally African sound and Vijay Prakash’s spritely rendition…it all adds up perfectly. Behene de is gorgeous! Resembling the style of Taj Mahal’s Kuliridhu is a massive advantage, even as it takes many fascinating […]

Beyond all the orchestral magic that Sandeep weaves in for Maar maar, it is essentially flat and monotonous, but, thankfully, the title song gets both right – the sweeping orchestration and a haunting tune, sung by Neha Kakkar. Nannanena and Nodu baare are quintessential Sandeep – lilting melodies arranged beautifully to make for a great […]

Sirikkiren, with a fascinating range of voices and a 2.0 version of the drunk-song genre is quite a fun listen! Happy has 20 singers…phew! The vocalized arrangements are innovative, even as Thamarai’s lyrics are over-the-top. Raman Mahadevan and Mahalakshmi’s Aaraadha kobamillai is absolutely scintillating, almost like a dream combination of 80s Raja backgrounds and a […]

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