Sunday March 14, 2010

Kavita Seth to sing for Amit Trivedi again

Posted by Karthik

Note: I had the opportunity to interview singer Kavita Seth last week – not a detailed one, but a quick 5 question interview, in line with the content in Milliblog. It appeared first in my weekly column in Bangalore Mirror yesterday.

After Wake Up Sid’s Iktara, Kavita Seth needs little introduction these days. The singer has just won her first Filmfare award for best playback singer, for Iktara and also has a unique feat of sorts in Indian film history, singing along with her son, Kavish Seth, for an upcoming film – perhaps one of the first mother-son duo to sing for films! Here’s a brief chat with Kavita Seth.

Milliblog: You have been a vocal proponent of Sufi music in India, with Karwaan, the Maulana Rumi concert and your Sufi-based film songs. What according to you is Sufi music?
Kavita: Sufi according to me is the best way to express love for humanity. It has a spiritual connect not only with people but with God as well, as each word used in Sufi music is well thought out.

Milliblog: Given your album, ‘Sufiana’, was not promoted well and as a result went into oblivion, have you considered using online media on your own to promote your music?
Kavita: I certainly agree with the fact that digital medium is very effective and worth exploring these days. Sites like facebook, twitter etc. give you genuine responses directly from fans. And yes, I’m into selling my songs online too.

Milliblog: How did Iktara happen, in Wake Up Sid? How was it working with a young talented composer like Amit Trivedi?
Kavita: I met Amit during the release of my album Sufiana and had given my CD for reference. Amit called me 6 months later and narrated Iktara’s situation, but didn’t mention anything about the production house or who it will be picturized on. It all came as a surprise to me, but working with a young talent like him was overwhelming. In a way he gets what he wants but at the same time maintains the fact that you are doing amazingly well and can do much better.

Milliblog: You’re singing for Amit Trivedi again, we hear. What are some of your forthcoming film songs? Which other composers are you singing under?
Kavita: I’ve just recorded with Amit again for a film called ‘Admission Open’. The film will have me and my son Kavish Seth singing together. I’m also singing for Rajshri’s un-titled film where the music is by Meet Brothers.

Milliblog: Are you worried that you may be typecast as a Sufi singer in Hindi films and offered only specific kind of songs?
Kavita: Not at all. In fact, I’m getting various offers that give me an opportunity to to experiment with folk music, softer melodies and others. I guess one tends to gets typecast only when one restricts herself or himself within specific singing styles and pitches.



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