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Thursday February 25, 2010 19:00

Heard about The Secret of Kells?

Up? Yes, seen it and loved it. The Princess and the Frog? Heard about it; don’t feel like seeing it. Fantastic Mr. Fox? Wes Anderson – must see. Soon. Coraline? My hot favorite for Best Animated Feature Film Oscar – over Up! Brilliant film and it’s a pity it is releasing in India almost an […]

Ba khuda is the same old arabic’esque track that every Indipop star does the mistake of singing. Buena vida is the Latin equivalent of the same mistake. Dance along has mildly interesting arrangements but an annoying, wannabe sound, while Justin-Uday’s last track Keh do is perhaps their best – nice, rock’ish structure and vocals. Shibani […]

Thursday February 25, 2010 15:56

Music review: Udaan (Indipop – Prayag)

Bas karo‘s guitar-loaded Raghupati raghav opening seems gimmicky since the rest of the track, while perfectly competent, sounds disjoint. Langoor chala is funny and the angsty tune works pretty well, while Kal akele sounds like one of the better Pakistani rock ballads. Daud‘s soaring guitar is brilliantly layered over a catchy tune and the title […]

Pritam’s Aaja aaja is a cacophonous mess, but that strangely seems quite the intention; that it follows a predictable pattern is a different story. His other track, the mock take on Naushad’s Dulari classic, Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki, is zingy fun! Amit Mishra mauls the rest of the soundtrack with a colorless mish-mash – the […]

Wednesday February 17, 2010 16:09

Music review: Prince (Hindi – Sachin Gupta)

Composer Sachin Gupta gets his big ticket in Prince and uses Atif Aslam intelligently across 4 tracks. O mere khuda is templatized, but is a racy listen, while Tere liye works better in Sachin’s own unplugged version than Atif-Shreya’s duet. Kaun hoon main exploits Atif’s soaring vocals pretty well, but the amnesiac lyrics are tame. […]

Prema prema is beautiful, but generic. We Don’t Care sounds good, but is so standard’ish that it is disappointing. Ninnu nannu‘s mellifluous orchestration holds the key even as the tune of terribly predictable. Strangely enough, the composer does an astounding job while retuning two of the MS Viswanathan’s original songs – Bale bale magadivoy, with […]

Friday February 12, 2010 11:08

Music review: Right Yaaa Wrong (Hindi – Monty)

The title song is perfectly competent techno material – Ujjaini’s version scores a shade better than Kunal’s. Amitraj’s Meri aashaon ki is stunning, to say the least – a brilliantly-structured, serene melody, expertly arranged by Monty! Rihaee, by Kunal Ganjawala too, is pretty groovy, if you ignore the mildly-jaded orchestration, but the other two tracks […]

Friday February 12, 2010 11:05

Music review: Maathiyosi (Tamil – Gurukalyan)

NW1W. Methuvai methuvai is the only track that deserves a passing listen – the rest has forgettable tunes and even worse choice of singers. Keywords: Maathiyosi, Gurukalyan, Nanda Periyasami

Friday February 12, 2010 11:02

Music review: Prem Ka Game (Hindi – Raju Singh)

But for Javed Ali’s Tum hi mere and Sonu & Shreya’s Magar kuch to hai, Prem ka Game is perfect NW1W material. Raju Singh’s biggest collection of duds yet. Keywords: Raju Singh, Arbaaz Khan, Tara Sharma, Madhuri Bhattacharya, Malaika Arora

Thursday February 11, 2010 17:38

Top recent listens (January 2010)

Title song – Teen Patti (Hindi – Salim Sulaiman) Very techno and very catchy. Salim’s vocals add to the charm – the hook, ‘Ikka basha rani’ is stuck on my head. Dekho – Gunkali (Pakistani Pop – Kaavish) The best of this album. I continue to have a problem with Jaffer Zaidi’s vocals, but have […]

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