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Monday January 11, 2010 22:13

3 Idiots is not idiot-proof

Aseem Chhabra has already spoken at length about the ‘feel good’ factor of 3 Idiots. And, many, many people have done more than adequate reviews of the film so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. But, here are some thoughts that crossed my mind as I finally caught up with the most-talked-about film […]

Benny Dayal’s vocal contortions reach a Whitney Houston’ish level in Omana penne, a lyrically-challenged, plain-by-Rahman-standards tune. Chinmayi and Devan’s vocal interplay works beautifully in Anbil avan, while Vinnaithaandi varuvaayaa seems like a tantalizing ode to George Michael’s Older! Hosanna carries an uneasy Yuvraaj hangover, but delivers the goods, while Mannippaaya gets all sappy on forgiveness. […]

Vellake vellake is generously inspired by the Sean Paul sound, but along with the Nandunni chorus, this is indeed a funky track, while Nee kallalo sounds so very, very like some recent TV ad, and also like a cheesy Pritam song, what with those English lines. Daler Mehndi’s Cheetiki maatiki is more like it – […]

Aasa machaane sounds regurgitated, but its remix is a different story altogether!! Ada engengum aasai has naturally pleasant and likeable tune and Selvaganesh’s imagination runs riot beautifully in the orchestration! Notta kudu thotta kudu sounds as accomplished as a solid Mani Sharma tune, when he’s in a great mood; massy and catchy! Oru varam is […]

The title song has got to be the corniest ode to the Lord at Tirupati ever; while it’s great to hear Mano’s voice after a break, it still is a mighty cheesy song. Nee kallalo works well as a techno-melody – good arrangements and a pleasant tune, while Non Stop too is stylishly composed for […]

Wednesday January 6, 2010 11:39

Music review: Goa (Tamil – Yuvan Shankar Raja)

Goa’s soundtrack is interestingly split into two dramatically different parts. The native folk flavour is heady in 3 tracks – the unbelievably-Raja’ish and hyper-catchy Yezhezhu thalamuraikkum; the mid-80s pathos track that thought we had thankfully left behind, Ooru nalla ooru, and the surprisingly non-descript Adida nayandiya – but only one really works. The more mod […]

Azhagu azhagu is short and sweet; Bela Shende sounds great but the lyrics seem forced. Kacheri kacheri is typical Imman material – stock rhythm, albeit catchy, and a tune that starts well buts ends tamely. Kadavule‘s both the versions are interesting – Palash Sen’s (Euphoria) Tamil debut in the slower, Indian’ish version is confidently assuring, […]

Sajda is exceptionally lilting; the combination of Rahat, Shankar and Richa Sharma works brilliantly. Tere naina follows a by-now-familiar, trio-template tune, but still makes for beautiful listening – Shafqat’s singing and a remarkable chorus. Rashid Khan’s pious Allah hi rahem is barely functional while Suraj Jagan and Shankar Mahadevan recreate the Rock On magic in […]

Monday January 4, 2010 14:34

Music review: Asal (Tamil – Bharadwaj)

Despite the sycophancy, the title song has an ambient feel almost like a Bond title track; Sunitha Menon’s vocals adding to the charm. Em thandhai is very 90s Rahman’ish, but heart-warmingly serene, while Kuthiraikku theriyum is a catchy track with excellent arrangements! Tottodaing too is massy and makes for good listening, but Yey dushyantha, while […]

The mesmerizingly lilting and vaudevillian Dil to bachcha hai is reminiscent of the Raj Kapoor era, but a more pronounced inspiration seems to be Webber’s Cats tune, Memories – the prelude, in particular, is shockingly uncredited, and similar. Ibn-e-batuta‘s joyously unrestrained pigeon-call and the interesting duet featuring Sukhwinder and Mika is vintage Vishal-Gulzar material. Out […]

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