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Thursday January 28, 2010 20:39

Music review: Teen Patti (Hindi – Salim Sulaiman)

Bachchan’s probability mumbo-jumbo sounds silly in an otherwise-enjoyable, Bond’ish Life is a game; fantastic vocals by Sonia Saigal and Anushka! Summertime (George Gershwin’s original used as-is) has corny lyrics, but the zingy pop works instantly, thanks to Joe Alvares’ vocals. The title song is likeable techno-pop with a psychedelic soundscape. Sunidhi is scintillating in the […]

Tuesday January 26, 2010 17:48

Music review: Gunkali (Pakistani Pop – Kaavish)

Jaffer Zaidi’s thick’ish voice hangs like a heavy cloud waiting to pour – like Raghu Dixit’s, minus the panache. But the tunes make all the difference! Jaffer’s mother, the incredibly talented Nayyara Noor, composes and writes 2 songs – Piya dekho na and Moray sayyan; both are soulfully old-fashioned, with arrangements that blend flawlessly. Nayyara’s […]

Javed Ali spoils the otherwise lovely Mudhal pen neeye, with his horrendous pronunciation – but, thankfully, Dharan’s tune is fresh and catchy. The title song is conventional and atrocious, while Koothadu machi, despite the mish-mash’ish inspirations, makes for a funky listen, particularly the final, ‘lokkal’ sound! Hariharan and Shreya Ghoshal’s Yaaradi is a middling melody […]

Tuesday January 26, 2010 09:54

Music review: Toh Baat Pakki (Hindi – Pritam)

Jis din and Dil le jaa‘s age-old hooks sink whatever enthusiasm the rhythm tries to evoke, but Phir se is as breezy as things can get – Pritam opts for a slightly retro’ish long-drawn melody and it works very well with the lively arrangements. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s version is significantly better than Sonu’s, however. […]

Sunday January 24, 2010 11:57

Aayirathil Oruvan (Director: Selvaraghavan)

Let me say this right away – Aayirathil Oruvan is the most disappointing Tamil film I’ve ever seen. Behind that massive disappointment lies expectations, no doubt, but Selvarghavan has himself to blame for that too – not my expectations alone. First, the man took 2+ years to conceptualize and make this film. Second, it was […]

Aim lagaa‘s Rikshaw mix has a particularly nice retro’ish touch that sounds notably better than the plain version – rapper Blaaze handles the singing and composing parts admirably well. Bombay Bombay may annoy Bhope Bhau, but it’s that typically effervescent and incredible follow-up to Amit Trivedi’s work in Dev.D! Swanand Kirkire’s Maula plays it straight […]

Hey ya’s frothy tune and Clinton’s breezy vocals perfectly complement each other, while Uff teri adaa is the soundtrack’s ebullient highlight, with a trippy techno sound that envelops the very-trio’ish folk roots and Alyssa Mendonsa’s tantalizing vocals! K.K goes through the motions in the serenely country’ish Jaane ye kya hua, while Kaisi hai ye udaasi‘s […]

Thursday January 14, 2010 19:14

Music review: Kedi (Telugu – Sandeep Chowta)

Sunidhi Chauhan puts up her grungy best in Kedigadu, even as Sandeep’s backgrounds pack a phenomenal punch, particularly the imaginative interludes, while Arijit Singh and Neha Kakkar ace the sweet, breezy melody in Neeve na; its catchy rhythms stay on long after the song is over! Saleem Shahida, sounding a bit like Kailash Kher, is […]

Thursday January 14, 2010 19:11

Music review: Aptharakshaka (Kannada – Gurukiran)

Chamundi taayi works because of SPB’s powerful vocals and the guitars Guru adds wisely to an otherwise standard song. Kabadi kabadi is as mainstream and massy as it can get – SPB to the rescue again, in a catchy package typical of Guru’s style. Kabadi‘s other version with Karthik is even better! With the ghost […]

Indre indre has an old-worldly charm to it – Ranjith gets a cracker of a melody that allows him to vary his range, even as Thaman adds charming layers to the track. Pesum poove and Manadhin adiyil sound almost like Harris Jeyaraj’s material – the former holds a similar dose of panache in Krish’s vocals, […]

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