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Saturday December 26, 2009 21:10

Movie review: The Box (Richard Kelly)

The Box is unquestionably one of the best films I’ve seen in 2009 – we still have 4 days left this year, but I’ve decided. Already. If the thought of Heath ‘The Joker’ Ledger’s pulsating variant of Milgram’s experiment was exciting, The Box’s more intelligent, moral variant isĀ intriguing. And absorbing. No, I’m not a fan […]

Shankar Mahadevan’s vocal-chord piercing Esshk esshk kaadhal is a pulsating track indeed, with a mature blend between the Latino-tinge and classical styles. Enthanaalum winnerthaan is sadly merely guitar-overdose, with a sorry tune, while Ekka chakkam ekka chakkam, despite Suchitra’s come-hither vocals, is plain dumb. Kadavule un kovilil goes overboard too, with the Latino feel and […]

Saturday December 26, 2009 18:29

Music review: Tamizh Padam (Tamil – Kannan)

Pacha manja has scathingly funny lyrics, musically packaged in a manner that would warm the cockles of any wannabe-Tamil superstar. O maha zeeya is constructed beautifully with the gibberish we’re used to listening from Tamil songs in recent times. Kuthu vilakku is pedestrian as a tune, but the spoofy tone continues with an otherwise kudumba […]

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