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Thursday December 17, 2009 22:20

Music review: Veer (Hindi – Sajid-Wajid)

Taali is no doubt ambitiously mounted, but it’s still a largely lackluster and standard package, while in Surili akhiyon wale, Rahat sings something that seriously stereotypes him – it is a pleasant listen, however. Salaam aaya is a rather old-fashioned melody that strangely works for its sheer simplicity. Meherbaniyan has the Salman-style, street-smart appeal, while […]

Love in C Major has a strong allegiance to Friends’ title song; is still a good, bubbly track. Bade shehar tests the patience with a lot of club’by attitude that doesn’t fit. Mohabbat bahut hi mushkil is more like the anonymous ‘bakwas’ call-out towards its end, but Ankur and June Banerjee’s Yaari works considerably better […]

Dr. Balamuralikrishna’s Theeratha vilayaattu starts off predictably enough, but mid-way it morphs, mind-bendingly, first into Rajasthani folk, with Mukthiyar Ali crooning Nimbuda, then into a bizarre Tamil-Baul jugalbandi, and finally ends with Malgudi Shubha singing the Jewish-folk celebratory anthem, Hawa Nagila! Phew!! Guest composers, violin duo, Ganesh-Kumaresh collaborate with Paul.J in the Nalinakanti’sh instrumental, The […]

The first thing that strikes you in a Raghu Dixit soundtrack is the eclectic nature of the sound – Marubhoomialli is a great example, fusing a distinctly Indian sounding Celtic feel over a lilting, sing-along’ish tune. The Rock-On styled stadium song, Ee kanninalli is extremely engaging, while Ello jinugiruva, despite the staid rhythm, makes up […]

After eulogizing the hero, Yuvan takes Tamil music to the next level by singing his own name, in the helpfully titled, ‘Introduction‘, amidst a psychedelic package! Poo mudhal and En aasai ethiraliye are both fancy sounds gone astray, while the title song starts off poorly, but picks up the right notes as Ranjith starts his […]

Alisha starts the soundtrack reasonably well with its spunky arrangements and fabulously cool vocals by Anushka and Salim Merchant. Even the title song has a pleasant tune that, without trying too hard, manages to retain its genial charm. It’s only with You and Me that a fatigue sets in – it does sound zingy but […]

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