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Wednesday December 16, 2009 17:53

Music review: Adhurs (Telugu – Devi Sri Prasad)

Devi and Baba Sehgal repeat their Jalsa magic in the super catchy and punchy Assalam valekum. Hariharan rocks the otherwise standard and soaring power-melody, Chandrakala, but Chari, with its comic silliness is all sound and forced catchiness. Neethone is significantly better, despite a very familiar feel. Pilla naa has a fantastic rhythm helping it big […]

Pe pe pepein is frivolously noisy and is something Pritam composes in his sleep, while Pump it up is something that is meant to support Shahid’s steps than delight listeners. Things turn better with Pal mein hi, though not so much, since its strictly a middling and predictable melody. One more chance and Just do […]

Despite the strong Chopra-feel, Aaja aaja has a pleasant lilt to it, while Akela dil and Magar meri jaan‘s fancy rhythms and vocals fall completely flat. Tu jo jaan le is Sonu’s show all the way; he actually gets his melodic Kannada high in Hindi here. Shreya’s Rang diya dil is pushing the nostalgia too […]

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