Wednesday December 9, 2009

Music review: Oum Shanti (Telugu – Ilayaraja)

Posted by Karthik

Even though the distracting rhythms belie the usual Ilayaraja-standard, Ottesi chebutha is pretty street-smart and catchy. In the title song, even if the dated synth jars, Raja works his magic on the curiously retro-style tune, while the cringe-worthily-titled Flying on the moon’s pallavi and interludes is a throwback to the classic Raja format and is a neat listen! The 3-version Chinna polike is the soundtrack’s pick – delightful melody, fabulous vocals by Kunal Ganjawala and Sunidhi Chauhan, orchestration that works despite synth overdose and a pallavi to die for! Oum Shanti is a surprisingly effective soundtrack from Raja, against expectations!

Keywords: Ilayaraja, Navdeep, Kajal Agarwal, Bindhu Madhavi, Om Shanti



  • Gopi Chand

    Its true that you have soft corner for IR. Im also IR’s hardcore fan. But for me except chinnapolike entire album sucksss. Movie crew saying its experimental movie. lets see how this music works after release film.

  • ha ha ha

    before opening the comments What I thought the comment will be is exactly Gopi Chand has added :). Thanks lkg student.

    BTW Chinna Polike is kick ass song and others may not be equal to Chinna Polike but have beauties. The album do wonders.

  • Ofcourse Raaja rocks with peppy songs even at 66. This is indeed a big triumph.

  • Gopi Chand

    🙂 good expectation.

    check that video. As per his words music is music there is no good music or bad music. the only issue is u like music or u dont like music thats it. its depends on ur personal taste. you cant abuse or point out the someones taste. You might be like what ever he delivers. But i mentioned “for me”. cool i always like to be a student what ever nursery or lkg.

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