Monday November 23, 2009

Music review: Leader (Telugu – Mickey J Meyer)

Posted by Karthik

Maa Telugu talliki scores big time with its atmospherically inspiring orchestration, even as it expertly intersperses Sri Tanguturi Surya Kumari’s ubiquitous and evergreen original brilliantly! Despite the predictably familiar rhythm, Aunana kaadana is pleasant and serene – Naresh Iyer and Shweta Pandit rendering their lines really well. Nakash Aziz, sounding a bit like Rahman, is perfect in the soaring Vandemataram (Aye shakuni), while Shweta Pandit has another ace in the interestingly and intelligently arranged Rajasekhara – a stage-drama like track that has its highlight in the initial background rhythm that sounds completely fresh! With its jazzy feel, Sunita Sarathy’s Hey CM is a master stroke from Mickey; the composer builds the song flawlessly and the interludes are consistently fabulous. With his trademark sounds in the interludes, Mickey makes excellent use of the harmonic vocals of Krishna Chaitanya, Siddharth, Kranthi, Sashi Kiran and Aditya in Sreelu pongina while the Shehnai-tinged instrumental version of Maa Telugu thalliki is scintillating, to say the least. Mickey J Meyer was, till his last soundtrack, one of the most promising composers in Telugu. But, with Leader, he leaves his stamp with a solid punch – this is one of the best soundtracks to in Telugu, this year!

Keywords: Mickey J Meyer, Rana Daggubati, Priya Anandh, Richa Gangopadhyay



  • kallu_be

    Hands down this is the best album this year, one should also appreciate sekhar kammula for getting best of micky and veturi for providing lyrics that compliment tunes.

  • Spidey

    We expected good music,he gave us a standard,a standard where any other tracks will be proved below par.

    My review,I would love you to check it out and reply there if possible or atleast here.

  • Gopi Chand

    nice review, But aunana kaadana prelude reminds his earlier work (Oh my friend,Happy days). he has to come out from there.

    hey CM , rajasekhara lyrics also completely addictive.

    Its great pleasure to hear Maa telugu talliki (Tanguturi suryakumari version ) and srilu pongina (Rayaprolu Subbarao) with fantastic orchestration. Take a bow to Mickey

  • bmsboy

    Thanx for the review.. Nice songs..
    Wiki page says – Mickey Meyer is the third person from South India to complete the eight-year course from Trinity College of Music, London after Maestro Ilayaraja and A.R.Rahman.. Can he match their success:)
    In 2007(Happy Days) and 2008(Kotha Bangaru Lokam) he got Filmfare-Best-Music-Director-Award(Telugu).. Can he repeat it in 2009 with Leader:)

  • svbp007

    The Rajasekhara song is superb. However, it resembles so much to Kajra Re that it almost seems a lift. It is clear that it was inspired by that song when I first heard it but upon repeated hearings…it is quite akin to Kajra Re.

    Overall, I am very impressed by Mickey. The songs of Kotha Bangaru Lokam and others with amazing lyrics made me listen to his songs like how I listen to Ilaiyaraaja’s songs. That is quite a feat by a new composer (in my case that is).

  • vgs.chakri

    a truely lifting album..
    hooked to ‘maa telugu thalliki’ and ‘aunana kaadana’!! 🙂

  • jaydeep

    I remembered reading this review, so when I accidentally came across this album on I gave it a try. And I Must say I am glad I did.
    Its a very innovatively arranged album. Maa telugu (both versions) & sreelu are superb. Avunana, Hey CM & Rajasekhara are immensely likable too and surprisingly have a bollywood flavor to them.
    Listened to telugu album after a long time. I didn’t understand a word of it but the mood/feel of each track conveyed it all. I really liked this one.

  • Karthik

    jaydeep: Fantastic. The purpose of running Milliblog is fulfilled!

  • jaydeep


    Honestly itwofs/milliblog deserves much more credit than that. Be it introducing rare musical gems or your to the point unbiased reviews, you have changed the way I listen & appreciate music.

    Keep up the good work buddy!!

  • devMannemela

    finally got around to listening to “Leader”.. Mickey is the only telugu composer I listen to currently. Radhakrishan too.. but he doesn’t seem to be doing any films..

    Like ARR, Mickey seems to be very good with singer selection..
    A lot of new singers who seems to get opportunities left and right are very disappointing.. There seems to be a drought of talent in AP.

    Still digesting all the songs.
    Sweta Pandit has a very nice voice..
    but listening to Rajasekhara, I couldn’t but wince. It’s so obvious the singer doesn’t know the language. There were a couple of complete and blatant mispronunciations..
    ( “pOru”, “mOhAlu”..)..
    the stresses in wrong places.. take a lot away from the enjoyment..

    Naresh Iyer is better.., but can’t get Sa/Sha right (“Aakasaalu”, etc..)

    Does Mickey speak Telugu ?

    I wish Mickey would pay more attention to these matters.. especially since he seems to be a gifted melody maker.. and has the potential to be a great.

  • Praneeth

    Can someone tell me what Raagas he uses frequently??!! his songs are in same raaga but when i hear them,the songs are new and pleasant.

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