Monday November 2, 2009

Music review: De Dana Dhan (Hindi – Pritam, RDB & Ad Boys)

Posted by Karthik

Rahat is getting typecast and it is clear from the maha-predictable forced-pleasantness of Rishte naate. Gale lag ja works marginally, only because of Javed Ali, but Paisa (by RDB), with its faux-coolness is pretty sad! The calypso genre explored by Pritam in Baamulaiza is mindless and scatterbrained, despite 3 vocalists, while the folk-fusion attempted in Hotty naughty is straight out of Pritam’s last year stock. The title song (by Ad Boys) too is such a stale patchy effort that it loses steam even midway! De dana dhan’s soundtrack is worse than Ajab prem…; the law of diminishing returns finally catches up with Pritam, this year.

Keywords: Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Sunil Shetty, Paresh Rawal, Neha Dhupia, Sameera Reddy, Pritam



  • rishabh87

    Paisa is composed by RDB

  • rishabh87

    Hotty Naughty is one of the worst pieces of music ever composed by anyone (Neeraj Shridhar’s lyrics are also terrible).

  • thechordmaster

    guys try giving the title track another hear..its mighty infectious..or was it my ancient array of woofers that deceived me..i still think it works..

  • rishabh87

    Turns out the title track has been composed by Ad Boys – we have a 3 composer album.

  • Hera Pheri franchisee continues to have horrible music by in form music directors. Anu Malik was doing well when he gave a rather drab Hera Pheri soundtrack. Himesh gave infectious but bland Phir Hera Pheri OST, and now Pritam.

    In Hera Pheri, the song Main Ladki was lifted from Pyaar Hua Jab Se from Abhilasha, Phir Hera Pheri had Dil De Diya inspired from somewhere. What has Pritam done this time?

  • Rishi

    Not usre I understand the story behind Paisa — it’s a six-year-old Punjabi track by Manak-E. Not sure why it’s been slightly repackaged here.

  • Dil De Diya had shades of Rapture by Ilo if I remember correctly..

  • jaydeep

    With due respect to Priyan as body of work, I think its him. His comedy film soundtracks are largely functional, some of them even short of being functional. Who remembers even a song from Malamal weekly, those 3-4 Akshaye khanna-Paresh Rawal starrers and other quickies he made.
    This one just adds to the list.

  • jaydeep

    RDB’s paisa uses a promninent hook from Usher’s cult hit “Yeah”(Pritam has used the same hook in ankhiyan na maar prelude from ek khiladi ek hasina). Although its a minor piece of music, & may be a commercial loop, but it is soul of Yeah, its identity.
    Earlier, I assumed that I was listening to remix & DJ used that hook intentionally, but after looking at the credits I realized, I was listening to original all the while.
    I might sound harsh, but its a shame. These guys compose 2 tracks or may be 3 a year (all with very minor variations from one another) & still can’t be thoroughly original .

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