Wednesday October 14, 2009

What’s your Rahman Realization Point?

Posted by Karthik

The 2 composers about whom I’ve gushed generously in this blog are Ilayaraja and A R Rahman. I still find my life’s choicest moments unfolding within my brain whenever I see Ilayaraja. With Rahman, its a bit different – its perhaps sheer admiration for the way he has changed film music in the country.

But, from a madcap Rahman fan – yes, I used to run a website called arrmp3 *cringe*! – to being an objective Rahman admirer who can actually trash one of his soundtracks (personal opinion, of course!), I have come a long way. Beyond this path, one thing does stay – the first time I became aware of Rahman’s pioneering sound. I called it the ‘Rahman Realization Point’ (RRP – cheesy, I know!) in a post way back, on October 5, 1999, to be precise, in a post in the Rahman Yahoo Group! So, here’s my RRP.

It was 1992, August 15. I was at school, attending one of those annoying flag hoisting ceremonies. When I came home, my dad told me that there was a beautifully composed and picturised song on the telly (Chinna chinna aasai – Dil hai chota sa) in a new movie called ‘Roja’, (Doordarshan had a special Chitrahaar – called Oliyum Oliyum, in Tamil – for newly released movies that day, like any other festive holiday) which was incidentally released that day. I was real mad at my school that made me miss it! Then, on Friday, I caught the first glimpse of ‘Kaadhal rojavae’ (Roja jaaneman) on TV. I didn’t even know who Rahman was….I was just gung-ho about Maniratnam’s new movie because I have been a big fan of his work.

I had read about his break-up with Ilayaraja and that he was working with a new composer. Then, I heard this song and went absolutely bonkers! The song was unlike anything I’ve heard before! That was the first time I asked ‘Who is this A.R.Rahman?’.

There are other moments, later in my life, when, without knowing the composer’s name, I’ve been able to say that the music is definitely by Rahman. For instance, Gang Master’s ‘Hello hello premalekha’. It used to play on Zee TV’s Telugu music feed on weekday evenings, back in the 90s. And the minute I heard this song for the first time, I had an instinct that it was certainly by Rahman. So, I immediately got a pen friend (befriended via the youth magazine of those days, Target!!) in Chennai to get me the cassette couriered to me. These days, of course, with the internet, we’re far more clued into film credits, so all this exotic exploration goes out of the window.

So, what’s your Rahman Realization Point?



  • This is an old post redux isn’t it? Well, Roja, what else? Then watching every freaking Rahman song on Zee or Sun or ATN or wherever possible. Not missing a single run of trailer of Hum Se Hai Muqabla. I still wonder why Rahman never used the tune of Hello Premlekha in any of his Hindi soundtracks. It was such a wonderful song.

    Priyanka (what wonderful imagination in music), the Hindi version of Duet (wonderful songs), Thiruda Thiruda (ranked higher than Roja in personal library, still often on repeat play), Mr Romeo (Paas Aaja Balam Re), Love Birds!!

    It was a moment of pride being first to know about an upcoming Rahman movie and sharing with friends.

    In the retrospect it was all good. Things haven’t changed yet, however the subject of affection has. The love has become neutral in my affair with Rahman and his 15 year old spot has been taken by Amit Trivedi, probably deserving so.

  • Hmm, a very nostalgic question, I still remember the wonderful days (my teens) when we eagerly bought the cassettes of ARR’s tamil releases (by the time Rangeela released CD’s were getting popular) and even the cassette covers were as unique as the content within, having the smart & smiling photo of ARR , not to forget the wonderful credits to the instrumentalists, which is one of the best contributions of ARR to the music industry apart from his monumental music. Roja & Pudhiya Mugam were my RRP’s, Roja set the fire and the latter added fuel to it 🙂

  • Karthik

    Tejas: I totally agree on Amit Trivedi – I’m SOLD! I hope – for heaven’s sake – someone releases his un-released tracks from Wake Up Sid!

  • Sriram

    My RRP was quite late – in 2004, I was 15 and Swades had released. I liked the promos, but couldn’t watch the movie. My friends told me about the song ‘Ye jo des hain tera’ I wasn’t much into music then. I knew slight bits about Rahman, but wasn’t a crazy follower.

    That song made me cry – more so with the visuals. I then listened to AR’s stuff from the past – there were many songs I liked as a kid – but didn’t (obviously) care about who composed ’em. I realised they were by him.

  • siddi

    mine was in the hostel at iitk, 92 i think. a friend and i were smoking outside his room. he put on “chiku-buk-raile” on his (pretty good) system.

    it was more of a WTF moment for me. i was like why the f*** haven’t i already heard this – why isn’t this already popular all over India? what more am i missing?

    and then i heard choti si aasha – someone actually used an awesome bass track in a hindi/tamil movie song.

    for me the bass track was the best bass i ever heard.

    even today i try to keep track of ARR’s tamil movie songs. you don’t want to miss those.

  • fazy

    Guys, you all don’t beleive it… It was started after his film release of Sivaji, My dad bought the audio cd of sivaji first time i am hearing it ,, i didn’t like it in either sense my dad told ARR songs always need repeating listen… My dad used to play the songs in car whenever we go outside at tat point i started liking Oru Kudai Sun lite and Athiradee later all songs were grown up to me.

    I made a research on ARR and came to know that he is more than what i have expected to be,,, I always lik very much the music of Harris Jayaraj after his release of minnale and Chellame but his songs has reverse appeal for me.

    Later I downloaded all the albums of ARR and I really found all his compositions are fantastic right from his Roja till today Blue…..

    The Album Rang De Basanti was my next listen after Sivaji where i Got really hooked into it and then I came through all of his compositions which are really wonderful and to be frank ,,,,, I decided he is the best……

  • Gopi Chand

    @ Fazy didnt feel u missed something in ur life after listen sivaji ?

    Well for me at my childhood it was 8th or 9th class didnt remember exactly when the film roja was released we didnt get tickets for another movie and we decided to go Roja (telugu dubbed from tamil) in same cine complex. i felt there is something haunted me in movie. i realized next day it was music in the movie. i admired music in roja but i dont know who composed , im not interested to know in that age who composed .

    Few months later….

    at my home my dad always used to listen music but he almost like old songs(ghantasala) .one day he recommended me to listen song kontegaanni kattuko (Ottagatha Kattikko )from gentelman (Those days aakaashvani used to broadcast new film song on saturday and sunday). Thats the time i interested to know who composed music ?? (before i knew only IR and KV Mahadevan). since the time i got gentleman and roja combo audio cassette from my friend and thats the time i insisted my dad to buy new tape recorder to listen those songs and admired about music.

    So for me rahman music was made music is a part of in my life.

  • Rishi

    I was still pretty young when Rahman first hit the scene. I listened to Roja, Bombay, etc. and though I liked them all, they weren’t exactly redefining my world at the time (in retrospect, it may be different).

    My real RRP was when my parents picked up the two-cd set of AR Rahman’s concert in Dubai. Something about hearing his greatest stuff on the same album, performed live, made me realise what was so special about this guy and how he was so different from the Anu Maliks and Nadeem-Shravans around.

    So there we go!

  • mhafeez

    Tejas: ATN !!! Those days were so cool, you watch 8 hrs continous to see a 30 sec Rahman Promo 😉

    Being an ardent Raja fan I booed
    when the titles was playing for Roja Movie!!!! It said “Music – Introducing
    Rahman”. I didn’t give a damn to his new music ‘coz I thought it would hurt
    Raja :-). It was in his 2nd movie (ok, no one knows the order still ***)
    Puthiya Mugam song “Netru Illathe Maatram” when I heard the chorus and the
    huge flutes, that I realized that this Guy really knows what he is doing
    and puts lot of hardwork in his songs. From then it was history ;), not
    to forget the guy called “Oasbasha” (or someone) who released an Album
    with Rahman’s name immediately after that.

    Each song of Rahman has to do something in my life, most of them make me
    cry and laugh.

    That layering of music which Rahamn does (and what everbody calls) is so
    cool and takes lots of listening to get that. It might be such a small
    small piece but that shows his hardwork and passion into each song.

    Also I was sold in Thirudha Thirudha where he composed a fully “programmed”
    song and another one with hardly any music.


    *** -> Yodha, Roja, Puthiya Mugam

  • Charanftp3

    Sidelining Rahman for now,talking about your Ilaiyaraja post, You said “I feel blessed that I exist in the same time frame as a musical genius”..Its soooo true!..Iam 20 now and I really started listening to music when i was 12 or 13(Or even later!)..But by that time,Ilayaraja’s style had become I havent really been able to appreciate his compositions like how you guys do..I have the option of listening to his compositions right from his first soundtrack,even now!..But I dont think i would be able to enjoy it like how you guys did at that time(Or like how i enjoy listening to new soundtracks right now!)..Not that I havent heard his songs at all..I have,but I can relate to only some of his songs..This might be because I’ve grown listening to the present-age sound…I try to listen to his track with a clear mind,I’ve done it..but at last i’ve come under the conclusion that I wont be able to enjoy his work like how you guys do,or perhaps like how my dad does..Its something like how even you guys will not be able to appreciate and enjoy the music in the MGR days(The time before Ilaiyaraja!)….Anyway in that way,I consider myself extremely unlucky!..

  • Charanftp3

    I try to listen to his tracks* with a clear mind..


    being born and bought up …and still residing in Mumbai …my exposure to Tamil Films were limited to VHS tapes which were brought by my relatives from Chennai …mostly SVe Sekar / bhagyaraj / Kamal Hassan / Mohan etc …..

    then came Roja ….I was in 11th Standard …that was the first time i brought a VHS tape from the local library …..probably the first tamil film ….which even he had stocked ……then went and purchased the Audio cassette ….first in Tamil ….But could not understand the lyrics in totality ……so went ahead and bought one more in Hindi ….

    Roja was actually my initiation into Tamil Movies …..from then on I started keeping regular tab of movies being released …..from ARR … was then SA Rajkumar ….then Yuvan Shankar Raja ….Ilayaraja ……

    Finally I decided to switch over to CD so that I can appreciate the music of ARR in a much better way …..started saving money …..and bought my first CD Player …… CD’s use to cost 450 bucks …. today a collection of around 400 Audio CD’s ….and still going strong …..

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  • Karthik – have you watched Wake Up Sid? For once I think Amit Trivedi overdid the soundtrack. He could have used silence more effectively at places. What happens with WUS, (hehe) is that there is hardly a moment in the film where there is no sound. There is hardly a moment for the ears to, umm, breath. 😀

    No matter how brilliant the background score is, sometimes nothing beats the 4’33” of silence.

  • jaydeep

    Like many others it was Roja for me too. Just that one soundtrack had announced loud & clear, the legend had arrived. Not many would’ve noted that he is only MD to win national award for his debut soundtrack.
    Roja did it for me and though lot of other folks whom I use to discuss music with tried to bring him down initially, ARR kept on weaving his magical spell on me. I was in Bangalore then & I remember taking Tamil OSTs of Gentleman & Thiruda Thiruda to my place in Gujarat to spread the good word. Then came Rangeela, Bombay, Taal, Vande Mataram etc which silenced his critics & won hearts all over country & globe if I may say so. For me, he still remains most innovative musician ever, a musician who redefined Indian film music singlehandedly.

    Talking about Amit Trivedi, he is immensely talented & done a commendable job in all his projects, classes & critics rave about him but he still has to deliver those universal hits which would take nation by storm. IMO he still has to go a long way to dethrone ARR from his position on my fav list.

  • Dasher

    Interesting Post. My RRP was in July 1992 to be precise. I was 6 years old then and my father who usually played BoneyM, Kenny Rogers and some weird disco & pop stuffs played a tamil ost in a loop. I still remember the Lahiri recorded white cassette of Roja which he played non-stop in his stereo player for few months. That music stayed with me forever inscribed in my brain cells. I was lucky in a sense to get the taste of Roja before the movie’s release, thanks to my dad. But I started following Rahman, buying his soundtracks on release date after listening to Dil Se & En Swasa Katre played by my cousin in loop. In a sense I inherited this admiration towards Rahman from my elder cousin. It’s funny when i think of the days, when i tried hard to enjoy his Injaarango song from Thenali and defend it against claims that the song is noisy, which it actually is. Now i am maturing and inherited an objective view towards music from critics like you that i no longer listen to his songs (very few though) which i feel is not in sync with my taste. Nowadays, I look forward to A.R.Rahman and Amit Trivedi’s music.

  • Dasher

    And Karthik, having seen most of your reviews I feel you have a strong preference for Fast-paced, Energetic, Up-beat music as against slow & mellow stuffs. Most of your thumbs-up reviews are for soundtracks like Blue, Kaminey, London Dreams etc.. And you were unimpressed with Ada & Connections which strengthens my view. I would like to know your opinion on Water Soundtrack which Rahman himself rates as his best.

  • Dasher

    I completely share your grumble. Though i enjoy few IR songs i simply cannot relate to his music. And i always wonder what makes the IR fans go crazy on most of his songs. We are hapless w.r.t IR’s music 🙁

  • Khalid

    One word: Rangeela.

  • Jaydeep,
    I remember at that time sitting in Gujarat how I hated never being able to watch Thiruda Thiruda, after watching those amazing visual beauty in the songs (along with the sets and lighting which even today remain great criteria for me to like a film).

    Regarding Amit Trivedi, I think Emosanal Atyachar was quite a mass hit. Also I do not think he is dethrone Rahman, but with ARR concentrating on certain types of projects, AT can start to create his own kingdom.

    In case of Rahman, the competition was meager in Hindi film industry when Rahman shone. All we had were Anu Malik and Jatin-Lalit apart from the noisy Dileep-Sameer (barring a Ziddi song), Anand-Milind. These other directors worked in entirely different types of movies of 90s – both those movies and the types are mostly forgotten in this decade. While the niche kind that ARR worked on carried forward to a new way of story telling in this decade.

    Other factor that worked for ARR, and I’m mostly talking Hindi film industry, was his availability or lack of it. A Rahman score was often rare, came after a long wait and you’d get one score in six months. A complain you hear a lot today is how we get bombarded with his albums, although there were times when even in 90s six albums had released in a single year.

  • Thee Thee from thiruda thiruda, especially second interlude with flute, even now i get brain feel when hearing to it.

    with rahman there are lots of realisation points, consistantly he had come up with breath taking numbers.

  • jaydeep


    Agree to most of things there. You know what I hated the most?? The idea of dubbing those amazing Tamil OSTs in Hindi, coz when they were translated to hindi, though only the vocal segments were changed, it really took edge off from those songs. Chandralekha & thee thee from Thiruda thiruda (Chor Chor in Hindi), roop suhana from Gentelman, Mustafa & kalluri Saalai from Kadhalan & many more such tracks didn’t sound even half as exciting as they sounded in Tamil.

    Although competition factor & rarity of ARR albums completely worked in his favor, IMO ARR brought tremendous changes in composing style/orchestration/vocal arrangements & that were almost as revolutionary as or even more revolutionary than Pancham’s endeavors in 60s-70s. And even after so many years ARR continues to innovate till date, that has me sold.

    About AT, he sure has altogether different sensibilities than other contemporary MDs & I adore his work as much. IMO too, for now he shows enough promise to be called a worthy successor to ARRs throne, but as you said, he should make best out of the oppurtunities & work on to build his Kingdom.

  • jaydeep

    *mustafa & kalluri saalai from Kadhal desam…not kadhalan.

  • Jaydeep,
    Sure. I am not implying that ARR had any less talent when I mention the competition and his rarity. Instead, the point I am trying to make is the niche subject matters he mastered during that time. If a film carried his name in the credits, your entire expectation from the film used to change. This happens even today! Despite being the great fountainhead of creativity, that kind of luxury a very few artists can enjoy, especially when your role is complimentary to the film not core.
    As I said, Thiruda Thiruda ranks lot higher than Roja for me, and seeing how popular Roja has always been as a milestone album, that is a lot! The other album ranks side-by-side with Thiruda Thiruda is Dil Se, but that phenomenon occured after the ‘Introducing A R Rahman’ phase.

  • mhafeez


    That second interlude in Thee thee was the most awesome piece I have ever heard. It is an awesome amalgamation of the flute, the bass and the percussion.
    (all play the same rhythm notes).

    My bassist was pretty sure that it was not synthesized and I wasn’t. Once in a Bangalore show I got to meet Keith Peters (Rahman’s bassist) and I asked him about that piece. And he in his humble tone said “Yes”, all were original instruments and not programmed.

    Brilliant !!!

  • Interesting 🙂

    I was too young to listen, imbibe the musical part of the songs during Roja, bombay days 🙂

    My RRP is ‘Kannukkul 100 nilava” song from Vedham Pudhidhu.

    Even now some of us think that this song was composed by IR. Its Devendiran who composed it. The reason why I’m quoting it is, that was the style in 80s. No one could ever compose different song. IR’s style dominated and influence all other composers.

    But on hearing Roja songs, we definitely get the feel that “hey… this is something different.. we have some new sounds…” ARR was the ONLY MD to have come out with different style at that time. Hats Off!!!

    Everytime (I mean it. Each and every time) I listen to this vedham pudhidhu song, i admire ARR’s work in Roja, He gave us a fresh feel!

  • jaydeep


    Sorry buddy, but initially I didn’t quite comprehend following statement in your first response:

    “While the niche kind that ARR worked on carried forward to a new way of story telling in this decade.”

    Thanks for elaborating. Yup, valid point, totally agree.

  • @mhafeez
    Keith peters is one of great musician, rahman sir worked with as a bass guitarist, he himself revealed in an interview, just bcos of some superb bass lines the songs clicked, and for the most, sounding done by H.Shridhar. I am extremely missing his sounding these days in ARR songs.

  • chandramohan

    Rahman is definitely a pride of India. But what makes ir irritated people like methat he is the only guy who

    can compose for Hollywood. Undoubtedly he is promoted
    than what he is actually.
    Some guys are wondering why Raja’s fans are crazy
    on his music. How idiotic! People who really know
    music won’t say like that at any cost.
    Raja is not promoted well , if it had happened he
    would have done wonderful projects in Bollywood as
    well as Hollywood.

  • arunm

    There are enough composers in malayalam.(Raveendran,M.G.Radakrishanan,Johnson, even some songs of Ousepachan..etc) who can compose better that ILR. But nobody can compose like what ARR did. But really would like to see some one comes above ARR..wait is still on..

  • chandramohan

    Mr. Arunm can u give a parallel of ‘poove sempoove’ or ‘ilaya nila pozhikirathe’ or ‘pani vizhum malarvanam’ or ‘poongatru puthithanathu’ and hundreds of amazing songs of Ilayaraja? I never under estimate the composers u have mentioned. But they can never compose ,or write orchestration like Raja. Better u try to listen to good music , rather than some jingles.

  • arunm

    there are enough songs which i can take from malayalam and i can ask has ILR composed like this?.Then ILR’s Orchestration,..haaa..give me a break…
    You should understand the point.there are enough no of songs or better than what ILR did.But AR brought a change and i dint meant that ILR is nothing..

    And u dont need to teach me what i should listen..OK.

  • arunm

    “Raja is not promoted well , if it had happened he
    would have done wonderful projects in Bollywood as
    well as Hollywood.”
    forget abt Hollywood,
    Didnt raja compose for Bollywood?
    What happend for Raja in Bollywood?
    Why he didnt get ‘Promoted’?
    And u think whoever who doesnt like ILR’s music are idiotic ? 🙂

  • chandramohan

    Ofcourse, people who give irresponsible comments abt Raja without understanding his incomparable talent are nothing but idiotic.
    Do u know how many songs of raja have been copied in Hindi? What happened unfortunately is except ‘ Sadma’ all of his other hindi films were not successful. I’m working in an albums production company Delhi. Many singers and musicians who used to visit our recording studio , became stunned while listening to Raja’s music.
    (I used to play his songs while working!). A man asked me why couldn’t raja become successful like rahman in bombay.another person (he is a well known musician in delhi) said ‘ don’t talk rubbish. He is the PAPA of rahman’. I suggest u again to listen to good music, as a fellow music lover like u, my friend.

  • chandramohan

    Wish u happy diwali & new year dear arun. We have already discussed abt raja’s music regarding Bagyadevatha. Keep giving valuable comments.

  • yogi

    I remember the first time I heard Roja’s song in tamil .. couldn’t understand a word, but it sounded good and suddenly there was an aalaap. It was something I had never heard before. Being in Bombay at that time, the only way I knew I could listen to that song again was by watching a show on zee tv that played south indian songs for half an hour, so I used to literally wait for that show. Then one day I learned that it’s being released in Hindi. I remember buying the cassette – that was the second audio cassette I bought in my life. (Guess which one was first ….. Appu Raaja ;))

    After that it’s all been Rahman in my musical life. Of
    course there were periods where I started listening to rock, metal, rap etc , but ARR was kind of a constant(‘Lost’ reference here). I always bought cassette/CD on the day of any new release and then just listen to it constantly (I still do whenever possible, but its mostly downloading now). Call me a fanboy or whatever, but for me, ARR’s the only MD who’s music I enjoy. Doesn’t mean I don’t listen to other MDs, but only occassionally. Earlier I would get angry, upset etc whenever there were bad reviews of his music, but for quite a few years now, it just doesnt bother me. Now I’ve just stopped trying to judge how the music is – good or bad – i Just enjoy it.

  • jeanjohny

    RRP – Hindustani in 1996, the Hindi version of Indian. Later I found the tamil version to be better!

    Before that I could feel that there is something different in the music of Rangeela, Kaadhalan, Bombay, Roja,Gentleman, etc. The best part is that I always thought that ARR was a singer and I never had any knowledge about music composers. I’m from Kerala and those days the people im nmy house and almost everybody I know were only interested in singer and Yesudass is a big name. So for me i loved the melody and esp loved the fast paced songs without caring for the MD.

    I used to listen to Rangeela, Akele Hum Akele Tum, Made In India, DDLJ, Anu Malik’s Yaarana, Tabun’s Yash with equal love but always found the Rangeela songs being breezed into my mind, even the accompanying music, rhythm pattern et al! Also I check the status of each songs in Superhit Muqabala, All the Best, the two top en shows in DD Metro.

    Then come the real soundtrack which hit me like a meteor and I realised the genius called AR Rahman! After having the first listen of the soundtrack from a friend, I rushed to my routine cassette store to grab a copy, but was disappointed to learn that all the copies he had were sold out! But he offered me the hindi version nd I was well satisfied with that. Coz I never cared for the lyrics then, I always mattered only the tune and the beats!

    I was awestruck, I became a die hard fan of ARR, I started to be known as AR Rahman in my class and later in my school. Everybody knew about my craze for his music and i used to regularly check for his new releases. I started promoting his soundtracks if I come to know about the projects he’d signed in. During those days I never found an album at par with Rahman standards. Also I always made sure that ARR albums always made it to the top.

    I was a bit wary of Sirpi then, coz his ullathai allitha was a massive hit and later to realise that it was all ripped off songs. i was disappointed with Mr. Romeo, and to a certain extent KaadhalDesam. Coz I did not like Hello Doctor! Then came Iruvar and Minsara Kanavu. Both remains as one of the best sound tracks from Rahman. I have listened to Minsara Kanavu the most in my life time. It topped my library for 6 months till the release of Daud. Yeah even Daud disappounted me too.
    Then I had a journey back to ARR’s initial releases. I found out a gem called Puthiya Mugham. Eventhough I loved Duet, Roja etc., I never had those soundtracks with me. Then I started buying them all.

    In 1998, I still remember Yuvan’s album Job being released. It had good songs and I panicked if he wouold dethrone rahman. But Jeans was the best answer to that and followed by Dil Se. What an year we rehmaniacs had! Not to forget Doli Saja ke rakhna. This album really made sit up an notice that unlike the albums I heard of Rahman it did not make much noise, IT had beautiful melodies. Then on I started investigating on music. And I started respecting this man more. He has that penchant for all kind of music.

    Just coz of Rehman taht I started loving ragas, I started loving western and Indian classicals. I gained knowledge on differnet genre of music. I started learning about different composers and their styles. I learnt about music arrangement and the way ARR excels in it. I owe a lot to him. I sat and admird his work in movies like Zubeidaa, Kannathil Muthamittal, Water, Lagaan.

    He is a genius whom I still follow. There was a website, rahmanonline which I strictly followed. When Harris made waves in 2001, it made me worry. Coz he that massive sound, again i learnt that ARR cannot be dethroned that easily.

    I have matured enough and I also have come to point where I can trash his albums(read as Ghajini, Parasuram). But it was long journey I had with him. He is a guru in every aspect. I was only 14 when I adored him, now I ‘m 27, but I still crave for his music. I become a teenager again when I speak about him ands his music!

    Got more to write, but this is already long one! Karthik thanks for this topic, I realise how great an admirer you are of AR Rahman!

  • jeanjohny

    Also you might remember R.Anand, touted as the next big thing after Rahman way back in 1996. His music for Shakti, produced by K.T.Kunjumaon was a hit. I liked the songs, but he was not heard after that. I doubt, he is one of the members in AGOSH, who also composed for ZOR, remake of Dharma, starring Sunny Deol. It had this hit song Mein Apna naam bhoola and an item number by Sushmita sen. The songs were a hit in hindi. Then the other ARR competitor was Sirpi with Mettukudi. I still doubt that velvetta was a copied song. Also his poo choodava in 1997 also had suoerhit songs. Many composers came and delivered solo or a couple of hits but ARR stayed, it’s primarly coz he experimented and tried to stay away from repeating himself. Karthik Raja also made an imapact with Ullassam in 1997 with muthei muthamma and veesum kaatrukku. Also Ranjit Barot, his VIP was a massive hit in 1997. Anu Malik adapted much of Rahman’s style in Refugee, Fiza, Yaadein and Asoka. But he had Ranjit Barot with him then. It’s great see that AR rahman leads even in the period of Pritam, VS and above all SEL. Nobody produces bad music these days!

  • jeanjohny

    Also Kodeeswaran with Agosh as musi director in 1997. the movie din’t see the light of the day produced by K.T.Kunjumon.

  • jeanjohny

    S.A Rajkumar with etho oru pattu (unidathil enna koduthein), thullatha manavum thullum etc. You know, even though I’m from Kerala only recently that i took notice of Malayalam songs. It did not ring a bell with me then coz of the sound and the arrangement. But now I realise that there were great melodies in malayalam which even AR Rahman admires and seeks inspiration from! So again a big thanks to ARR for helping me discover the malayalam songs!

  • balajik

    I must say I had both RRP and IRP… but it might sound weird when I say I had IRP after RRP..

    The movie Roja got released when I was 11.. thats the time I started listening music passionately. I became an ardent fan of ARR after a series of musical hits from him (Gentleman, Pudhiya Mugam, Thiruda Thiruda)… I believed only ARR is a great musician..and got carried away too much by the sound quality alone at that age…When I came to Chennai to do my UG.. I stayed in hostel. most of us had pcs in our rooms and I got the perfect environment to listen to many IR songs. Slowly I started realising IR is also a great musician and started exploring his old songs.It went to such an extent that most of my favorites are from IR than ARR.
    IMO, both IR and ARR are unparalleled musicians in the history of Indian music.

  • I was just five when I bought the audio cassette of ‘1947 Earth’. I did not even know who A R Rahman was but his music has already cast its spell on me. The only film music that my parents bought in the early 90s was that of Rahman’s. I showed an inclination towards music from an early age and used to ask them to buy me cassettes instead of toys. Today, when I look at my cassette collection, I find most of Rahman’s Hindi albums there. Right from popular albums like Taal, Pukar to not-so-popular ones like One Two Ka Four (which I must have bought after hearing the song ‘Khamoshiyan Gungane Lagi’) and ‘Dil Hi Dil Mein’. It’s difficult to express, in words, the kind of impact his had on my life. My parents barely listen to any kind of music these days but whenever I play a Rahman number, they stop and ask me ‘Hey! Is that a Rahman song?’ This year, I was upset to see an album that I loved so much not getting the kind of recognition that, I truly felt, it deserved. I bought the Audio CD of ‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dil’ from on online store and played the CD for almost a month at a stretch! Didn’t listen to anything else. I have always felt a strong connect with Rahman’s music. Have been a fan of him even before I knew who he was. 🙂

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