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Tuesday October 6, 2009 21:45

Music review: Banni (Kannada – Leo)

Roping in classical singer Sangeetha Katti for four short, folk’ish tracks – Panchami habba, Pori ninna, Sampige teniyanta and Tavaroora mane – works beautifully! Tatti tatti’s tune and backgrounds have a unique Ilayaraja flavor to it, while C Ashwath’s rustic vocals add charm to the earthy tune of Banni haadi. Ashwath’s vocals also help the […]

The spoofy Baa bega manmohana merely passes muster, but the sweeping orchestration and tune of Bandaano bandaa is definitely interesting barring the overt reference to Ismail Darbar’s style. Karthik excels in the Hindustani-tinged melody Kanasidu alla, while Rajesh Krishnan and Supriya relish singing for Yaar yaarigu which has distinctly Ilayaraja’ish rhythms. Antaadaru baa’s experimental tune […]

Raising rainbow hardly sounds like Sax (as credited) and has a stark Chinese folk feel to it. Malebille instrumental theme, however, has brilliant sax by Kadri, with excellent background arrangements. With its commercial hip-hop’ish sound, Raghu Dixit’s Sidukabyada panders to the more massy sound, but the composer hits the bulls-eye in the two melodies, Naanu […]

Tuesday October 6, 2009 21:35

Music review: Zamana (Kannada – Karthik Raja)

Happy birthday is a lame reworking of the composer’s Tamil music, while Bandhu bandhu is no better, with its standard kuthu track template. Kunal Ganjawala and Rita’s Mandhumagale showcases Karthik Raja’s composing skills noticeably better – the complex and catchy tune compensates for the lackluster backgrounds. Tanmaya naanu has an old worldly charm in its […]

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