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Wednesday September 30, 2009 21:11

Music review: Pazhassi Raja (Malayalam – Ilayaraja)

Aalamadankala mythavanalle with its dramatic Islamic sound makes excellent use of chorus vocals, while Aadhiushas sandhya poothathivide takes a classic Ilayaraja tune to a newer level with that dreamy, expansive orchestration. Ambum kombum’s tribal sound takes on an interesting hue as the tune drifts into a pattern unique to Raja, while the short Mathanganana plays […]

Tuesday September 29, 2009 21:41

How do you listen to music?

Starting July 2005, when I started Milliblog, I’ve read tons and tons of opinions about the stupidity of 100 word reviews and faced the constant allegation that I do not give any music enough time to sink in. This may be rather late, but let me explain how I approach music listening, as an activity. […]

Monday September 28, 2009 19:05

Music review: Aladin (Hindi – Vishal-Shekhar)

Tak dhina dhin is Pancham all the way, with a punchy new sound to the boot, much like Bachke O Bachke, which has select portions of its tune in the Pancham genre, but the overpowering orchestration, well…overpowers the song. Genie rap is a considerably better AB-rap than what his bhakt-for-life, Aadesh, composes – that is […]

Sunday September 27, 2009 11:24

Music review: Jaggubhai (Tamil – Rafi)

Includes an insipid remix of the classic, ‘Anbulla maan vizhiye’. NW1W. Keywords: Jaggubhai, Rafi, Sarathkumar, Shriya

Saturday September 26, 2009 11:46

Link exchanges!

I got a mail from the owner of another music-related blog, Music Aloud, asking me if I’m interested in a link exchange. That’s when I realized that Milliblog could be a bit more influential that I assumed. So, let me not get into minor link exchange programs – in fact I do not want any […]

A R Rahman’s soundtrack for Couples Retreat is disparate, background-music material, given the strong connection between the mostly-wordless tracks and the film. Barring two full songs – the romantically corny Sajna and the soundtrack’s best – a Tamil song, Kuru Kuru, the rest is a curious mélange of occasionally likeable sounds. Tracks that stand out […]

Wednesday September 23, 2009 21:54

Music review: Vettaikkaran (Tamil – Vijay Antony)

Puli urumudhu, that eulogizes Vijay’s animal-like power, is loud and mundane, with a staid rhythm. Oru chinna thamarai, however, works beautifully as a catchy, well-orchestrated track, with its melody intact; like Karigalan, another power duet, which has a lilting folk tune and some hip native embellishments by Vijay Antony. Naan adicha is literally an assault […]

The Kurinji raaga-based Muddugaare yashoda has been treated with an almost Rahman-like arrangement by the composer – the crossover arrangements adding a rich layer to the classical composition. Hariharan and Shweta’s Chinukai varadai is a pleasant listen, including a very Telugu’ish twist that is explored deeper in the much-mellow Theese prati swasa, while Karthik’s Neeli […]

The title song, Innu anisuthide, Naa ninagaage, Baa nodu gelathi and Ideye ninage work well with their soaked-in-love feel, even if they serve as an overdose of similar sounding tunes. Vega bandiruve’s playful, catchy tune is likeable, but the stand-out loudness of Haadantu namma is jarring in an otherwise soft album. Ninna hindeyaa has an […]

Shibani’s markedly North-Eastern Thodi thodi saanjh is hugely impressive, while her other track, Keh leh dil se exposes her vocal limits and passes muster. Deepak Pandit’s Kangana has a ghazal-like texture and Ghulam Ali’s version saves it from mediocrity. His other songs, Meera and The Jesus song merely meander. Gourav Dasgupta’s English numbers, Alone and […]

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