Archive for August 25th, 2009

Hasili fisiliye is typical Harris fare – gibberish opening and a simple, rhythmic pattern; does get addictive after the initial annoyance. Yeno yeno has plain horrendous Tamil pronunciation by Shail and Andrea, with Sudha Ragunathan sadly sandwiched between both; this one and Vaarayo are painful leftovers from Harris’ earlier debacle, Satyam. Damakku is assembly-line and […]

Bubble gum is interesting for its completely abstract tune that changes pitch every few seconds – doesn’t stick, but. Jillendru oru kalavaram uses a standard pop melody and with its boy-band’ish arrangements, manages to be infectious, while the composer carries the smooth melody in Oru kili, along with Shreya, quite admirably. Unnai partha pinbu has […]

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