Wednesday August 19, 2009

Music review: What’s Your Raashee? (Hindi – Sohail Sen)

Posted by Karthik

If you’ve made a pact with Sohail’s annoying voice early on, it’s in Pyaari pyaari that things get excruciating. The first 4 tracks are – to be fair – pretty good; the sax-loaded title song, guitar-driven Jao na, the catchy Aja lehraate and the lovely melody in Bikhri bikhri, that is. Things take a painfully outdated turn starting Maanunga and the soundtrack goes all the way downhill, with its jaded tunes, embarrassing middle-eastern sounds, thankfully-forgotten 80s pop sounds and pale imitations of Rahman and Ismail Darbar. Sohail has an awful lot to catch up, musically, after this arduous, 13-track soundtrack.

Keywords: Sohail Sen, Ashutosh Gowariker, Harman Baweja, Priyanka Chopra

Note: I shudder to think of this film’s running time, given Ashutosh’s penchant for l-o-n-g films. With 13 tracks to fit in the script, I’m guessing…2 shows a day?



  • vjv

    I think Karthik…u r being a bit too harsh on the newcomer…the songs r pretty good…maybe….giving it a few listens would help….I’m impressed by the new MD Sohail Sen…

  • Karthik

    Good for you that you liked it. If I do start liking it, I’ll most definitely write about it.

  • thechordmaster

    yeah bro… kinda harsh….. its def’ly not DEV-D but sure is gettin sumwhere..must be gowarikar’s idea to make SS sing the major chunk so that the continuity stays in the movie… im guessin there are no dedicated videos for most of the songs…they’ll prob’ly highlight the dialogues or whatever..

  • Aadhavan – another pointless album. Same tunes. But shocked that you have decided to skip writing 100 words for it 😐

    Harris is almost dead now.

  • jaydeep

    Oh man, I just got the CD yesterday, I should have waited a day…I am getting a similar feeling after first listen which is not very great. Worse I picked this one over Wake up Sid after reading this review

  • tejas

    Jaydeep – get it replaced with Quick Gun Murugan! :p

  • amul0072003

    @viraajan……aadhavan is worth listening. A lot better than other recent albums.
    “Hasili fasile” and “yeno yeno” are refreshing mix of instruments and great singing. really good. surprise that karthik hasn’t reviewed this album.. im rahmaniac but still harris definitely roars..u shud appreciate good music buddy.

  • Honhaar Goonda

    Two Words: Utter Rubbish

    Wake My Sid: Rubbish

    QuickGun Murgan: Nah, don’t find it funny.

    Aagey Se Right: Nah, don’t like it. It’s not that whacky. Hope the film is at least fun – looking forward to the film.

    Haven’t liked an album since Delhi 6 / Dev D.

  • msrikantt
  • ashcoounter

    I liked Whats your rashee, Su Chhe, Salone Kya,

    I found traces of Yuvan or Harris. For resemblance listen to the keyboard extension after the sax in Whats your rashee title song.

  • msrikantt

    @Honhaar Goonda
    Give QGM another try.Meanwhile,see some old south films!(I’m not denigrating such films whatsoever,for I enjoyed them myself)
    BTW,Wake ‘My’ Sid.LOL

  • jaydeep

    So i got this CD and went thru it 3 times just to find if I missed anything that was in the review I refered to earlier. I couldn’t find anything great, so I thought of going for it one more time, so that I can ponder over it again, but I just couldn’t go past jao na the very first track. I got the answer.

    Almost all the tracks sound amateurish, so I agree with Karthik, Sohail has an awful lot to catch up.

    I am enjoying every bit of QGM. Its smart & mad fun.

  • arunm

    Enjoyed Jao Na, Koi Jaane Na, Pyaari Pyaari, Sau Janam, Title Song, Bikhri Bikhri..

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