Archive for August 4th, 2009

Shan Rehman’s inventive streak is evident in the way he differentiates the two versions of Maamarangale – the former with Vijay Yesudas and a folk-tinged, tabla-base, but with mild mod flourishes; and the latter, with Karthik and Sayonara’s groovy, snazzy vocals and a lovely guitar-base. Adipoli bootham is frivolous and gimmicky. But the soundtrack belongs […]

Jheeni jheeni puts composer Shantanu Moitra in a strange predicament – it is instantly likeable; has excellent choice of singers (Bhupinder and Hamsika Iyer) and an almost dream-like orchestration and a ghazal’ish tune. The predicament is that the rest of the soundtrack pales in comparison. Bhai re seems like a stale leftover from Moitra’s earlier […]

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