Monday August 3, 2009

Music review: Mazhaithuli (Tamil Pop – Prana The Band)

Posted by Karthik

With a Dharan-Yogi.B style rap, Natpin kadhai is merely passable. Mazhai and Thozha have captivating enough melodies, but Vijay’s vocals ditch him at times. Nenjil’s tune is hummable, but the ‘Peter’ singing is annoying, while Chennai Geetham is lovely – nice lyrics and a catchy tune with semi-classical overtones. Indhiyam carries forward that semi-classical influence further, while Chinna chinna is heavily influenced by Rahman’s Chinna chinna mazhaithuli (En Swaasa Kaatre). Poochendugal, with its Vairamuthu-style lyrics and intermittently rousing tune is impressive too. The orchestration and vocals are rough around the edges, but the tunes are notable. Commendable debut by Prana.

Keywords: Naushad, Vijay, Navin and Sindhu, Prana The Band

Note: Official website of Prana The Band – download tracks from the album and know more about the band.



  • nashlib

    Hi Karthik

    i’m naushad one of the band members of Prana – thanx for reviewing our album…

    insightful !!!


    i particularly like the comment comparing our song to ARR – we r hopelessly, shamelessly rahamanics – ha ha

    good that u liked poochendugal – coz most of the other reviews sort of ignored the number –

    and the PETER singing was a deliberate attempt at irritation…


    thanx buddy – if u r on facebook look us up on Prana the Band or nashlib

  • Karthik, sorry for the digression, songs of Pattanathil Bhootham (Mallu) music by Shan Rahman (Coffee@MG Road) are really good, check it out!

  • Karthik

    Thanks for dropping by, Naushad!


    Generally i don’t listen to Tamil pop ….most of them being bad ….to put it mildly …… this case the shopkeeper was insistent that I listen to it …..and also went ahead and played it for me ….only fuelled my suspicion …..that its not getting sold ……and Hence ….

    Generally they dont break the seal …..still i was not sure ….so asked her to play each and every song.. …hoping that the next song will give me a excuse to not buy the album …..finally liked all the songs and bought the CD ……

    this was much before the review ….

    Keep up the good work and avoid Peter singing …..nobody understands the Peter lyrics …. the album has variety ….unlike a typical pop album ….new , refreshing voices ….and above all some good quality lyrics … …

  • navinofprana

    vanakkam. navin of prana 🙂 its heartening to see the boquets and the brickbats. We are very happy to see “mazhaithuli” generating a lot of discussion. And ive done all the lyrics and the singing of the “PETER” song in question. 😛 In fact ‘variety’ was something we wanted in this album.. that everysong must appeal to a different sect of the populace. semi classical ones appeal to the musically trained. rap to mostly all. melodies like chinna chinna and mazhai to 80’s early 90;s lovers, and peter song, well for peter lovers…. 🙂 will certainly try and sing neat , nice and down to earth in the next venture. But hey, the album is a lot about variety, about non conformation to any single genre, style of singing or concept. Glad that has reached . Thanks so much to karthik and srinivas. Love ya all. PS: srini could you tell the store name so that we can send a personal thank you mail. cheers

  • Karthik

    Hi Navin! Thanks for that perspective. Just wondering…is it not possible (in India) to do a single genre/ theme pop album? Something like what you see in the West. Most pop albums try to please as many groups/ segments of people that they tend to lose their identity. I believe record labels have a huge say in this kichdi approach since they want to broaden their target audiences.

  • nashlib

    hey that is an interesting point karthik – single genre

    but that is the counterpoint as well – particularly us – we hmmm just wanted to do a song that – we liked to hear – a different song during a different time of eccentricity –


    hey – about the PETER song – actulally navin sang in quite normally – it was me who asked him to PETERfy the song – if it brick u want to through – i’m sure navin wont mind talking them

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • nashlib

    # throw


    Its Giri Trading in Mumbai (Matunga) …one of the branches of Giri in chennai – mylapore

  • The one such good tamil lyrical album, keep doing more of same, and so thankful to karthik for reviewing the same in milliblog.

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