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Wednesday July 15, 2009 21:04

Music review: Agyaat (Hindi – Bapi-Tutul)

Agyaat is sure sign that Ram Gopal Varma has lost it, musically. His pet composers, Bapi-Tutul deliver yet another turkey, most probably because they are arranging RGV’s own, mindless tunes. Jai shiv bum shambu is gimmicky nonsense and Kiss U day and night apes a bad, ‘lifted off another South East Asian number’ Pritam song. […]

Tulsi Kumar’s pop album, Love Ho Jaaye, is indeed a pleasant surprise. This album, with music by Monty (Saawariya), has mighty good tunes, sung really well by Tulsi! Out of the 9 songs, Aaja mahi (with music by Neeraj Shridhar), Jis dil ko, Mere khuda, Jaage ab raat bhar and Tumhein hum pyaar na karte […]

The musical highlight of the thoroughly enjoyable Malayalam original of this film, Classmates, was Vineet Srinivasan’s rendition of Alex Paul’s tune in Ende khalbile. While this soundtrack does not offer anything similarly moving, it still is a fairly good effort from Vijay Antony. Azhagai pookkudhe’s melody; the soaring friendship song, Nanbanai paartha and the short, […]

Ilayaraja’s recent music carries generous traces from his earlier, extraordinary repertoire and its merely personal preference within the older range that one likes or rejects a newer song! This is a soundtrack soaked in the Raja-style! Balegara balegara, Budu budu kayya, Ghallu ghallenutha, Jhallu jhallu, Madhu magalu are the tracks that are particularly enticing, with […]

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