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Music review: Kaminey (Hindi – Vishal Bhardwaj)

Posted by Karthik

The surf guitar-loaded DhanTeNan is no doubt reminiscent of Dick Dale’s legendary track, Misirlou (more popularly referred to as the theme from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction), but beyond broad, genre-influences, it stands on its own, as a hyper-enthusiastic dance track, with infectious vocals by Sukhwinder Singh! Fatak plays along predictably, but only till the guitar kicks in and rocks the track to a completely different plane! The title song is oh-so-beautiful, with its expansive orchestration that is startlingly subdued while Vishal’s vocal prowess on the melody is exceptionally appropriate! As if that was not enough, Mohit Chauhan offers the equally alluring Pehli baar mohabbat – both these tracks have trademark Gulzar verses…the variety that makes one’s knees go weak, particularly when enveloped in such awesome music! Raat ke dhai baje is strangely Vishal Shekhar territory, almost as if it strayed off Tashan’s soundtrack. It is mighty cool, but! Even the small’ish Go Charlie Go theme music is so intelligently assembled that the flow and retro infusion is thoroughly charming! Vishal has always been a super smart composer, with a genuinely different musical streak. His work in Kaminey is spectacularly satisfying – makes one go, ‘Stop making films; compose more, damn it!’

Keywords: Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Vishal Bhardwaj



  • tejas

    Wasn’t Vishal Dadlani singing Dhan ta dan as well?

  • Karthik

    Yup, very much. But, for me, Sukhy completely stole the song 🙂

  • sid

    @tejas – the vishal karthik mentions in reference to the title song is vishal bharadwaj, not vishal dadlani. Vishal dadlani has sung Dhan ta dan with Sukhvinder Singh.

  • tejas

    Gat it! It’s amusing so hear Vishal Bharadwaj utter word ‘Kaminey’! He is such a soft spoken guy to have even sung this song, leave alone making a gritty looking Guy Ritchie-meets-Tarantino-meets-Pete Greengrass movie like this! (

  • Honhaar Goonda

    Don’t throw shoes at me, but I don’t like the album/compositions. It is below par. Maybe I will like it after a couple of hearings.

    Not even close enough to Omkara soundtrack. Omkara song still would raise your hair where as Dhan Tan… nothing. Apart from Sukhi’s vocal in the song.. nothing to like. I was looking forward to Sukhwinder and Kailash’s Fatak track, but that song got too much noise and fast, for my liking. Then, there is Earl’s gibberish in Raat Ke Dhai Baje, that just puts me off. Kaminey song is too long – it should have been sort – along the line of Jag Ja. But, I like that song. Mohit has set his standard so high with Masakali, that I don’t like any of his recent songs now! That Mohit track/composition summarize the album… nothing great. Gutted.

  • Honhaar Goonda

    I take back what I said about Fatak. That is the best song of the album, for me. I should’ve listened to the song till the end to make a judgment. But rest still stands. Fatak!

  • Honhaar Goonda

    I so wanna like Kaminey song but I can’t get me head around the song. I would love to know Vishal’s reason behind this composition. I just can’t figure what it is. Just out of me depth. I can’t figure out the tone. And it reminds me of Rabbi’s Dilli (Slow down that track….)

  • msrikantt
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  • idongivadamn

    The prelude of Dhan tan nan sounds similar to BEP – Pump It. Even the title track of Cash was on the same lines

  • Gopi Chand

    Dhan tan tan sounds mix of Black eyed peace – Pumpit, daddy Yankee-Rompe and Misirlou. anyway he tailored it pretty nice. agree with karthik .sukhwi stolen sound

  • kill bill

    dhan tannan is a remix of a very old hindi song by Gulzar … he has just reused it in kaminey… i wouldn’t remember the name of the movie though… will share it whenever i get it. Vishal is a gr8 & intelligent composer and his songs have the tendency to grow with the movie… it happened to me with Omkara and maqbool and m sure the same will happn with kaminey. yet to listen to fatak but i liked the other one…

  • adarsh

    @Gopi Chand, Rompe by Daddy Yankee is a nice find. Dhan Te Nan is indeed a mix of Rompe and Misirlou. Anyway, any song that takes the Misirlou beat is a hit…Pump It and Cash are good examples.

    The album finally deceives… i loved Omkara, i shouldn’t have expected better than that from Vishal Bhardwaj. What’s with the bols? dhan tana tana nana, fatak, tana tana tana in Raat de Dhai Baje …. i guess i’ll really like the songs after watching the movie.

    My Picks: Dhan Te Nan & Fatak

  • rahulrd14

    Hi Karthik…

    Did u look at the new anu malik interview in screen weekly? Itwofs comes up 🙂
    For all his claims of originality…Karle gunaah from Ugli and Pagli is a LSB from the Spanish song “Gasolina” by Daddy Yankee (

  • vyasma

    Album rocks…and whoever thinks pump it is itself an original song is a big moron….using same instrument does not mean lift…And please Vishal Bhardwaj is one the best in India…Stop comparing him with Anu Malik and all…Album is as good as it gets….!!

  • Dasher

    Funky, Kick-ass Soundtrack. Milliblog is back to form after some ridiculous recommendations of mediocre albums like Love aaj kal & Azhagar Malai.

  • mohit3

    This is a fantastic album..
    I dnno y, but i feel the song pehli baar is one the best songs by Mohit Chauhan..cant get enough of that track.

    Karthik – When are you going to review the album Cradlesong?.. waiting for it.

  • Sunil

    Fatak has shades of takey takey from mangal pandey

  • ashcoounter

    Fatak has shades of Pagdi Sambhal jatta from legend of bhagat i thought? in tune? especially in antara!

  • ashwindk

    I`ve finally registered after a year of lurking.
    Pretty good soundtrack from Vishal and i agree that he needs to compose more often
    I`m still listening to his songs from No Smoking(:P)

  • johnson_2412

    I felt that Dhan te naan is INSPIRED from pump it,infact im in the process of mixing these two songs.
    But after a looot of observations,now i think dhan te nan is almost similar like most of the instruments used are same,
    And also use of words like”up the RADIO” n all are common in both the songs
    And the guitar riffs also sound extremely similar.,

    whats ur take on this? Dont u think this shud b includd anywhere in the main site?

  • johnson_2412

    i know bep have used pulp friction to make pump it,.but i felt this sounded closer to pump it than pulp friction

  • rakesh

    Is Vishal Bharadwaj scoring the music for his home production “Ishqiyan” ??

  • yogi

    Decent Album, but I think you’re being too kind to give it a 200 words review. Especially, since while checking your archives I found a 100 words review for Rang De Basanti !!! That’s sacrilege man!!!

    Mohit Chauhan disappoints in his singing. I feel he’s trying too hard to sound melodious. I wish he had a more relaxed approach like Vishal in ‘Kaminey’, which was a good surprise. I was expecting a dhinchak song, given the title.

    Dhan Te Nan is the obvious hit song of the album, and for good reason – it’s quite innovative.

    Fatak is decent too.

    Raat ke dhai baje – no comments, except I hope it fits well in the movie. It seems out of place in the otherwise good album.

    The theme is brilliant, especially when it changes to “DhanTeNan” tune.

  • nakhrekartekarte

    “14 | rahulrd14

    July 8th, 2009 at 3:33 am


    Hi Karthik…

    Did u look at the new anu malik interview in screen weekly? Itwofs comes up 🙂
    For all his claims of originality…Karle gunaah from Ugli and Pagli is a LSB from the Spanish song “Gasolina” by Daddy Yankee (

    BTW which interview are you referring too?
    & oh lord! The TUNE don’t even match! and the music does seem to be in the same genre, but it’s not a lift! Do you listen to english music? There’s so many songs that resemble that song! Listen to Sean Paul

  • nusrat

    can anybody here tell me whether vishal bhardwaj’s, “kaminey” is inspired by the shakespeare play “comedy of errors”?
    and, any idea when kaminey will be released?

    many thanks for any insight you can provide.

    p.s. vishal bharadwaj is the best film maker in india at the moment oe even since guru dutt. indeed, i would wager that were omkara submitted as the indian entry to the academy awards, it would have have been at least nominated as a finalist, if not the winer.

  • jaydeep

    Dhan tenan is just mad awesome. I haven’t heard such a super energetic track in long time, both the singers have done a great job.
    I also like pehli baar, kaminey & fatak in that order. And yes he is a good composer & should compose a lot more and also should make more movies as he is a equally good director, actually one of the very few sensible film maker/directors that we have today.

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