Saturday June 27, 2009

Music review: Kalavaramaye Madilo (Telugu – Sharreth Vasudevan)

Posted by Karthik

Kalavaramaye madilo opens the soundtrack in Chitra’s impeccable voice – a deep, soothing melody with a beautiful part reserved for the title! The youthful exuberance of Tholi tholi is instantly addictive – the interludes, the springing pace of the song and Chitra’s vocals impress again, while Roshan and Chitra ace the rhythmic, banter-styled duet, Neelo anuvantha – it has also been arranged really well! The composer himself joins Chitra in an incredible moment half-way through the austere, student-guru session Kari varadhuni and Chitra totally takes over Guru Brahma, invoking pleasant memories of Ilayaraja’s Sindhu Bhairavi. The latter’s minimal thavil-styled background helps in bringing both the voices incredibly well. Sharreth’s short Sa Ri Ga Ri showcases his amazingly adept singing and the dulcet duet, O nene o nuvvani too, with Hariharan and Kalpana, with mild shades of Rahman’s sweeping style is tantalizingly beautiful. Pallavinchani is the only, albeit mildly odd one out, with its done-to-death backgrounds that are oh-so-Tollywood. Kalavaramaye madilo has a brilliant soundtrack and Sharreth Vasudevan, both as a composer and as a singer impresses big time. The maturity with which he scores the massy melodies and the classically inclined tracks is remarkable. Sharreth sure has a fabulous future ahead!

Keywords: Sharreth Vasudevan, Sharath Vasudevan, Kalavaramaaye Madilo, Swati, Satish Kasetty



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