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Music review: Kambakkht Ishq (Hindi – Anu Malik, RDB & Salim Sulaiman)

Posted by Karthik

From the promos, Om mangalam by RDB sounded mundane, but ironically, that is the best track of the soundtrack. And, it’s merely a passable track inspired no doubt by Singh is King’s sound. Anu Malik mauls the rest of the soundtrack with terribly jaded tunes and the most predictable sound arrangements – Lakh lakh is a sad mishmash Punju track; Bebo’s hook is 80s, with just Alisha’s voice working; the title song is plain dreadful and the lone melody Kyun only begs the question kyun? Even Salim Sulaiman’s Welcome to Hollywood is maha disappointing. Big budget… dud soundtrack… bad idea!

Keywords: Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Amrita Arora, Anu Malik, RDB, Salim Sulaiman, Eric Pillai



  • jaydeep

    Wow, this one sucks too. Anu, what are you upto man?

    Lakh lakh & kyun are still tolerable but Bebo & Kambakht ishq really suck. And whatever happened to his association with Rishi Rich, Veronica & Navin Kundra for this OST.

    RDB’s track is just Ok with heard that before sound while Sulaiman’s (i think sulaiman has gone solo for this track as per credits) is just plain noisy.

    Sad, really sad.

  • Sriram

    And guess what? Nadiadwala is supposedly so impressed with Annu Malek (Karthik, not the name change) that he’s offered him another movie.

    Wow – that should go to Ripley’s believe it or not. And this movie looks cheaper than Satyam’s shares.

  • nakhrekartekarte

    Completely unfair review. The songs are all good, some more average than others. Om Mangalam is one of the BEST TRACKS this year, and the two Anu Malek tracks, Lakh Lakh and Kyun are AMAZING! Especially Kyun which is going to be picturized on Denise Richards. Kambakkht Ishq title song is average and Bebo reminds me of the Anu-Alisha tracks from the late 80s, but okay. All songs will gain popularity over time.

  • nakhrekartekarte

    BTW I understand these reviews are opinion based, but lots of people read your site and there needs to be a balance between followers and leaders. I’m just expressing my own point also. I agree completely with your Jashn review, but you made this album sound worse than it really isn’t. I would rate it 7/10.

  • msrikantt

    With Anu Malik’s name on the credits….what more do you expect.The name worked in the 90’s not because his music was great but because the bar was set low.Way too low.
    Though it might suit the gyrations and pelvic thrusts of Akshay well.

  • msrikantt

    When are you posting the review of GV Prakash’s Ayirathil Oruvan.I’m anticipating a good one there.

  • Karthik

    nakhrekartekarte: First, thanks for *all* those comments, that too in one night! Yes, I do not like this soundtrack. Its never personal – I love Anu’s (thank heavens for the apostrophe!) music, but I strongly believe that he’s crossed his best period – but, like any music lover, I also hope that he proves me wrong.

    Your 7/10 for this soundtrack is completely justified – I trashed Singh is King too but it went to become quite popular with all that hype. So, it has never been about commercial popularity in Milliblog – just opinions.

  • nakhrekartekarte

    “With Anu Malik’s name on the credits….what more do you expect.The name worked in the 90’s not because his music was great but because the bar was set low.Way too low.
    Though it might suit the gyrations and pelvic thrusts of Akshay well.”

    How was the bar set low? 90s were completely made of quality from all the composers of that era. Take 1998 for example, amazing Dil Se, stunningly romantic Kareeb, the chartbuster Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, the bar was high my friend. It’s the technology that changed, and people then got bored of the typical love-type song and dwelved into more situational stuff. Anu Malik was good, for great reason along with every composer. It truly was a special time for music.

    But I’m glad you like Anu’s music, I wouldn’t say I’m a fan anymore (of course in the 90s/Early 2000s), but the man comes up with a few good tracks in the past few years, and some pretty amazing stuff after 2003. But sometimes his songs do surprise, of course never to the “omg, classic” status, but LS2050, Ugly Aur Pagli, Woodstock Villa and KI were good imo, but barring maybe one or two tracks, they are not up to his capabilities. I think he needs to work for Mahesh Bhatt again, but then we’d get some more additions to your site haha!

  • AO – rather difficult album to review? 🙂
    i dont get it exactly. 🙂
    eagerly awaiting ur review. hav huge hopes even tho i miss yuvan in this.
    10 tracks i heard. i’m out of stn. cant get a cd here. wil check it out soon.
    200 words review i think. if not for quality, atleast for quantity. lol.

  • amjath

    dude i feel gave very acrimonious towards some people ANU malik is one of them….

    i agree your review for other songs but i feel Kyun song sung by shreya and shaan is very good song…..

  • msrikantt
  • msrikantt

    To be absolutely fair, Anu Malik did have his moments under the sun.But that was in the 90s.Now the composer is well past his prime and his music music well past the sell by date.His name doesn’t spell quality anymore.Even if one takes a holistic view of Malik’s careers there are very few bright spots and too many dark ones.I for one liked Main Hoon Na and Jaan-e-Mann(More attributable to Gulzar & GV Prakash,though).
    The 90s weren’t by any means as competitive as today.Today’s music is stale by tommorow and that makes a music director’s task that much more tougher.Piracy is rampant, so MD’s have to compose better music to attract eyeballs or rather ear drums.The incentive of buying an original music album is no loger there.As in every period there were some good OSTs in the 90s, but nowhere comparable to todays.Talking about technology,all the MDs today have the same access to technology then why does say a Rahman’s album stands apart from the crowd.That my friend is because of skill.No amount of techno wizardry will substitute good harmonious music.One has to keep pace with the times.Alas! Anu Malik is a spent force.

  • msrikantt

    Lot of typos in my above comment.Typed it real fast.So apologies for any inconvenience!!!

  • nakhrekartekarte

    I don’t believe Anu Malik is a spent force. I just think people have different standards nowadays. I love 90s style music a lot, and good melody rather than music itself. For me, Nadeem Shravan/Anu Malik/Jatin Lalit are the best at melodys (of course their ORIGINAL ones haha), but ARR, obviously, is a master in the music departement rather than melody (except Dehli 6, which was classic ARR all the way). But Anu malik since 2005, I only enjoyed Umrao Jaan, Jaan-e-man, LS 2050 and now this one. Those are fantastic albums, it’s sad they’re gone without a trace with the public.

    Anywho, each person has their own taste and preferences in the end. Anu Malik still shows flashes of brilliance here and there, but in the end, is it enough? Time will tell I guess.

  • nakhrekartekarte

    Btw Anu Malik was pretty damn good till about MHN, he’s only been going downhill since then. The early 2000s were full of hits and great songs from the guy, like Refugee, LOC,Asoka, Filhaal, Aks, Yaadein, Saaya, etc He was still churning out pretty diverse and good stuff back then.

  • jaydeep

    I was disappointed with this OST and still remain so as I was expecting a bit too much…a surprise..a big turn around… as Anu Malik has done it past, which didn’t happen. But I must confess, I’ve actually started to like kyun quite a bit for its melody and little bit of bebo & lakh lakh too, just coz they are typical Anu Malik brand of music.
    Where is our dose of Short takes? Its just been a day and I already miss it.

  • Karthik

    ? Short takes has always been active no? Quite a bit today too 🙂

  • jaydeep


    I mean’t I can’t see them. I see the short takes heading and instead of tweets right below is the box with categories.

  • Karthik

    Aila – its right there! Lots of tweets too – the latest one is a new Hindi song lifted from Rahman’s Tamil film, Taj Mahal!

  • johnson_2412


    did u observe that most of ur long commentd reviews is of anu malik’s??

  • Karthik

    johnson_2412: Interesting!!!

  • msrikantt

    That’s becoz the guy’s music doesn’t find one unanimous opinion!!!

  • johnson_2412

    now if i say anythin more now.,this list is just gonna get much more longer
    but yes,THAT we all have to agree
    jaan-e-mann is the only soundtrack which kept me confused for a long time,..BUT now thats cleard too cos of an article on may9th on the main site

  • jaydeep


    I see short takes now.

    Karthik & johnson_2412,

    Adding to long comments, I found this about jaan-e-
    mann where GVP says he is only the arranger & not the composer, check it out:

    Also, I remember Ranjit Barot who arranged & designed sound for Anu Malik for quite a few OSTs stating same thing as GVP in one of his interviews.

    But hey such allegations have occured a few times so one never knows.

  • nakhrekartekarte

    GV was the arranger. Jaan-e-man WAS by Anu Malik. Other Anu Malik arrangers: Ranjit Barot, Salim Sulaiman arranged for LS 2050

    Nadeem Shravan’s arrangers that I can recall were Nikhal Vinay/Shyam Surender, also Ranjit for Qayamat

    Most music directors have arrangers, it doesn’t mean that the songs are not theres…

  • msrikantt

    This ones going to get longer…..
    I never said GV Prakash composed the music of Jaan-e-Mann.If one assumes that…well that’s false.I only meant that the quality of the soundtrack was enhanced by GV Prakash’s arrangements.For one who has listened to GV Prakash’s music and work this is clearly visible.Needless to say Gulzar’s poetry was the crowning glory of the album.

  • nakhrekartekarte

    no no, i’m mostly referring to the post made earlier on this site lol Jaan-e-man tunewise was very anu but the arrangements were very broadway instead of the indo-western stuff he usually does

  • Galib

    why ? ANU ??? is he the only music director left in this whole world 🙁 .. a BIG BUDGET film like this needed a talented music director ..

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