Thursday June 11, 2009

Music review: New York (Hindi – Pritam, Pankaj Awasthi & Julius Packiam)

Posted by Karthik

KK’s Hai junoon is perfect sing-along material in true Pritam tradition. And KK can never go wrong with such numbers. The same thing can be said about Mere sang, but it’s a bit too routine for showering as much praise. Mohit Chauhan’s Tune jo na kaha too is in a similar vein – reusing the singer’s standard, heartfelt vocals in the same standard, heartfelt tune doesn’t really help, though Sandeep Shrivastava’s words do stand out. Pankaj Awasthi’s Aye saaye mere, despite the rousing backgrounds, hardly stays, even as the two themes by Julius Packiam barely register. Barring Hai junoon, disappointing!

Keywords: Pritam, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Katrina Kaif, John Abraham, Julius Packiam, Pankaj Awasthi



  • Rishi

    Finally, new Hindi music!

    Solid soundtrack.

  • Honhaar

    Pankaj Awasthi disappoints?! That was the only song I was looking forward to in this album! Still will check out the song.

  • msrikantt

    Surprisingly I liked all the songs by Pritam!!!Pankaj Awasthi’s more conventional tune was OKish.Here’s what I felt…

  • msrikantt

    Need confirmation from you on this.Is Hai Junoon a ripoff of Naluri Lelaki,an Indonesian song.There was a comment about this on my blog.

  • nakhrekartekarte

    Terrible soundtrack. I’m very disappointed. Hai Junoon is passable, but I expect so much from Pritam.

  • Rishi

    msrikant: there is a simple way to figure that one out. Listen to the original song here:

    You can decide for yourself.

  • Karthik

    msrikant & Rishi: Looks like you folks haven’t seen this the latest updates in ItwoFS…there’s a lot of drama surrounding this lift there…check it out –

  • msrikantt

    @Rishi & Karthik:

  • Sunny Gupta

    I love the music in Mere Sang. Specially the background male vocals. Beautiful Music

  • is Hai Junoon not a ripoff of “Such Great Heights” by Postal Service?

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