Saturday June 6, 2009

Music review: Current (Telugu – Devi Sri Prasad)

Posted by Karthik

You are my love story is catchy in a cheesy, typically Telugu way – and I mean it as a compliment! Ammayilu abbayilu and Rekkalu too are nothing new and fall right within Devi’s stock tune and rhythm patterns – but these tracks too click – predictably simple, ear-friendly. Where the composer scores is in the pulsating title song and Atu nuvve – a very tuneful, slow’ish track handed over to – unusually – Neha Bhasin! The composer’s orchestration and tune skills come to the fore in these tracks and prove that there‚Äôs life left in his musical journey.

Keywords: Sushant, Sneha Ullal, Devi Sri Prasad



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