Saturday June 6, 2009

Music review: Aarumugam (Tamil – Deva)

Posted by Karthik

The title song is loud and shamelessly apes the Rajinikant-style hero-entry pattern; and falls flat. Endhan rajadhi is bizarre in the way it splits rajadhi rajan and even the tune jarringly sits atop the disparate backgrounds. Ditto for its version 2, Oru poongaatru. Rendu rendu is 90s stock from Deva’s attic while Salona seems borrowed from the composer’s notoriously untalented son. If there’s one track that brings back pleasant memories of Deva’s occasional creative form it is the Hariharan – Sadhana Sargam duet, Yamini – Dulcet tune with cleverly imagined, Hindustani-style orchestration. Dud of a soundtrack with a solo reprieve.

Keywords: Deva, Bharath, Suresh Krishna



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