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Madhurayathana is a Ilayaraja styled 80s number – sounds like a neat spin off either Dharmavathi or Hamsanaaadham. Malli malli is enjoyable too – simple and enjoyable tune; while the composer’s stock runs into serious trouble with Na manase, Nara naramentila and Varevaa – using such a templatized format that they could have been composed […]

You are my love story is catchy in a cheesy, typically Telugu way – and I mean it as a compliment! Ammayilu abbayilu and Rekkalu too are nothing new and fall right within Devi’s stock tune and rhythm patterns – but these tracks too click – predictably simple, ear-friendly. Where the composer scores is in […]

Saturday June 6, 2009 10:03

Music review: Aarumugam (Tamil – Deva)

The title song is loud and shamelessly apes the Rajinikant-style hero-entry pattern; and falls flat. Endhan rajadhi is bizarre in the way it splits rajadhi rajan and even the tune jarringly sits atop the disparate backgrounds. Ditto for its version 2, Oru poongaatru. Rendu rendu is 90s stock from Deva’s attic while Salona seems borrowed […]

Khuda ke liye is typical Roxen material, propped remarkably well by Mustafa Zahid’s vocals and the slow, ballad-like build-up of the tune. Pyaasi machuriya is crass all the way – a Bhojpuri-style track unfortunately recorded by more accomplished artists. Shaan and Sunidhi’s Roshan dil ka jahan is also a non-starter – unimpressive and routine. KK’s […]

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