Tuesday June 2, 2009

Music review: Munnar (Tamil – Ravi Devendran)

Posted by Karthik

Sri Ranga is archaic in every sense – vocals, backgrounds et al. Karthik and Chinmayee do a considerably better job in the breezy melody, Konjam poo konjam thaen, while the composer attempts a rabble rousing kuthu in Minminikku thangachi naan – only to make it utterly unexciting and silly. Pulikkuma thuvarkuma is a confused medley of styles, marred by amateurish orchestration, a disjoint tune and poor singing by Reshmi. That pretty much sums up the comeback of the one-hit wonder, Ravi Devendran. His stupendous work in Bharathiraja’s Vedham Pudhidhu is indeed a freak occurrence – Munnar reiterates that with amazing impact.

Keywords: Vedham Pudhidhu, Ravi Devendran, Moonar, Munnar



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