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Saturday June 27, 2009 12:41

Nothing to Beat It!

(Note: This appeared in today’s Bangalore Mirror, as my tribute to MJ) It was back in the ’80s. I was in school, in Coimbatore – a B-town and far from the metro-style trappings. We had a new kid in school, who had moved in with his parents from Dubai. One day, he invited a few […]

Kalavaramaye madilo opens the soundtrack in Chitra’s impeccable voice – a deep, soothing melody with a beautiful part reserved for the title! The youthful exuberance of Tholi tholi is instantly addictive – the interludes, the springing pace of the song and Chitra’s vocals impress again, while Roshan and Chitra ace the rhythmic, banter-styled duet, Neelo […]

Friday June 26, 2009 06:07

The Way He Made Us Feel!

R.I.P Michael Jackson. Regardless of all those nasty controversies and jokes, I’ve grown up with his music (as also the other controversial Michael – George Michael, another HUGE influence!) and there’s a part of me that today feels missing. Though, that part was still stuck back in the 80s and 90s.

Rangu rangu brings the mental picture of a 80s Tamil hero dancing – beautifully lilting tune, unique to Raja. Shringara sindhura, Kogile koogu baa and Yaarivalu are predictable Raja melodies from his recent synth-dominated repertoire; the latter still impresses with its spunky arrangements. Badavara manege’s tune is no doubt soulful, just that it is an […]

Thursday June 25, 2009 21:07

Music review: Luck (Hindi – Salim Sulaiman)

Minimal techno-wizardry and even more minimal tune makes Luck aazma a poor title song, but the duo spring a surprise with Salim’s vocals in the laid-back melody of Khudaya ve. Jee le is at best a left-over from the duo’s Chopra clan association and beyond all the superficial catchiness, it is plain and routine. The […]

Tuesday June 23, 2009 20:58

Music review: Love Aaj Kal (Hindi – Pritam)

Overlaying a familiar, repetitive sapera-been piece to a hyper-energetic tune in Twist is a total winner all the way; Neeraj Shridhar rocks in the catchiest track of the year, so far! Chor bazari too works with its foot tapping and spunky arrangements, but to a lesser extent, since the tune isn’t as interesting. Main kya […]

Kailasa’s Chaandan Mein is perfectly in sync with what is expected from the band. The title song shines with Paresh’s guitar and a sweet tune sung with his usual passion, by Kailash. Na batati tu, in an interesting twist, has a playful tune with lively sitar phrases, courtesy Sunil Das, while Teri yaad mein’s simplicity […]

(Cross-posted from ItwoFS, since this is very relevant to Milliblog too!) Pritam has responded to the allegations of plagiarism in Hai Junoon, in Calcutta Times – to the same journalist who first broke the story in mainstream media. At the outset, I have to appreciate Pritam for being sincere in his responses – he may […]

Predictability is a dreadful thing – you know it when you listen to three tracks from Shankar Ehsaan Loy’s latest soundtrack, Shortkut – The Con is On! Kyun hota hai has the standard exuberant tune and arrangement – it used to be amazing earlier. With an opening like Rahman’s Sivaji chartbuster, Oru koodai, Mareeze Mohabbat […]

Karthik croons assertively and, along with the composer’s fantastic backgrounds and a spellbinding tune, rocks Oh eesa! This is an awe-inspiring, albeit, masala’ish track that is instantly captivating. Indha paadhai’s breezy guitar and dreamy vocals by the composer aptly expose the full spread of the inventive orchestration and Selvaraghavan’s lyrics. With its hip-hop infused backgrounds, […]

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