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Benny just about saves Nacka romba with his enthusiastic vocals – Imman’s tune seems like an unabashed homage to Vijay Antony. That inspiration is even more evident in Odi odi vilayadu, a hip, modified kuthu. Chiku chiku, besides the unapologetically 80s Hindi song chorus, is mind bogglingly silly. Dora dora’s melody is rather bizarre, taking […]

Carnatic classical singer Sowmya makes a strong impact, with her usual powerful vocals in Kannil dhaagam, a song that is soaked in the unique Karthik Raja style – marked by the classical interludes that flow astonishingly well. Even Rahul Nambiar’s abruptly short version of this track is captivatingly handled by the composer. The husk and […]

Nee ondrum is a tad simplistic but endearing nonetheless and Aanum pennum’s fast-paced rhythms and sophistication in the orchestration work pretty well. Graamam thedi emulates Rahman’s sound, but Thaman carefully crafts the track with adequate individuality and creates a winner, while in Adhikaalai pookkal the young composer ups the ante significantly with enchanting backgrounds and […]

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